Cuevas del Almanzora V commemorates the centenary of the castle of the Marquis of Los Vélez

The Municipality of Cuevas del Almanzora has officially launched the commemoration of the V centenary of the construction of the castle of the Marquis of Los Vélez, with the mayor Antonio Fernández, the mayor Ana Maria Castro and the official chronicler, Enrique Fernandez Bolea.

This morning presented the program of events with which this event will start.

As noted by the mayor, "Throughout its history, Castle has been the greatest symbol of our city, and since it could not be otherwise, for one year will be the nerve center of the most important events that we will hold ".

The mayor of Education, Ana Mª Castro, He stressed that "we are working on a series of concerts of Renaissance music, a historical recreation of a kidnapping which took place at the castle in the sixteenth century or the implementation of activities with schools in the municipality and the IES Jaroso, inter. Also, the entire municipality and looks banners celebration of the V centenary of the castle, with the logo we created for this purpose ".

For his part, the official chronicler, Enrique Fernandez Bolea, He explained the details of the first activities to be performed; the exhibition "Surprised look. More than a century of photography in Cuevas del Almanzora 1865-1973)”, He has prepared with photographer José Guerrero Rodríguez and Professor Pedro Perales Larios and which opens on Saturday 22 to 19:30 hours. And the lecture series "Five centuries under a Castle", to be held 26 Dec. 4 January at the Auditorium of the Museum Antonio Manuel Campoy.