Cuevas del Almanzora I held the 'Festival Jaroso' next 3 October


The Diputación Provincial Palace hosted, this morning, I presentation of Jaroso Flamenco Festival to be held in the municipality of Cuevas del Almanzora next 3 October.

The ceremony was attended by Deputy Culture, Antonio J. Rodríguez; Councillor for Culture of Cuevas del Almanzora, Indalecio Modesto; event coordinator, Marcos Escánez; and Germán Alonso, Baibuk -Head of the Augmented reality.

The first edition features a lineup of luxury with which it is intended to perpetuate an annual flamenco festival is a reference in the region, including parallel activities that get create a cultural background in the field of flamenco. Manuel Fariña Light, The Yiya with Antonio Garcia and Viva Café Cantante full of art and charm next night 3 October.

Deputy Culture has highlighted the collaboration of the Provincial Council to make this Festival can become a reality through a registered grant. Also, congratulated the City for all activities from June districts have filled the flamenco spirit and have served as a prelude and report an event that comes stomping.

Also, Antonio J. Rodriguez has highlighted the importance of such activities to not only cultural level, but tourism: "We are contributing to seasonally adjusted tourism, something fundamental in municipalities that have Caves coastline ", detailed.

For his part, Councillor for Culture of Cuevas del Almanzora thanked the support to council and explained the significance that the flamenco in the mining areas of the province: "It seemed essential to the city where it was discovered reef Jaroso had a special day in the cultural calendar of the province", Indalecio has said Modesto, who has expressed his desire to consolidate this Festival and reach other important name in the province as that of Berja.

The prelude of this festival has come to the town and the suburbs of Los Lobos, Villaricos and Palomares art Anabel Veloso and Cia; Sergio Lope y cia; Mayte Beltran y Cia; and Alberto Ruiz y cia.

Escánez Marcos made a small review of artists and stressed that this festival comes with the intention of staying. In this sense, He stated that it is the first country that has been used within your means to promote augmented reality on their posters.

Germán Alonso has detailed the operation of the application that will allow users of Apple and Android enjoy augmented reality with only two elements: poster and mobile phone.

Flamenco lovers have an appointment in the castle of the Marquis of Los Velez at 21,00 hours. Tickets are priced at 8 euros if they purchased in advance and 10 euros if purchased at the box office.