Four workshops Almería, recognized as Points of Interest in Andalusia Craft.


The Valle del Almanzora, Interest only Craft Zone declared in Almería.

The Minister for Tourism and Trade, Rafael Rodriguez, has given official certificates as Point Artisan Interest in Andalusia four workshops in the province of Almería. Specifically, Nijar visited the headquarters of the company Cuendet ceramist Anne Sylvie and Rafael Granados potters and Baldomero Garcia, well as the local pottery José Miguel García in Sorbas.

Rafael Rodriguez emphasized the strength of the crafts in Almería, as reflected in the registry data Artisans Andalucía. So, recalled that no registered 62 artisans, 10 companies, 2 associations, 7 master craftsmen and 19 trades, among which are the stone carving and marble, Pottery, leatherwork and woodwork. Excels in this regard Macael activity and Almanzora Valley, Interest only Craft Zone declared in Almería

Workshops Nijar and Sorbas are four of the six in this province have achieved this recognition and autonomic fifteen that already exist in the wider community. Besides the Nijar and Sorbas, Points also are Craft Company Interest brothers Alfonso Fernández, dedicated to pottery and based in Albox; Angels and Lopez, Laujar Andarax and low warp fabric.

Rodriguez stressed the importance of this activity and its contribution to the maintenance of cultural and artistic legacy Andalusian and stressed that constitutes a productive activity “growing importance as a powerful generator of employment, possess a high ethnological value, to have strong roots in the history of each of the territories, and synergies with other economic sectors, most especially to tourism”.

Also, He referred to the uniqueness of the activity of the four companies recognized artisans today, that, in the case of Nijar, contributes to the conservation of its historic potteries and a ceramic tradition that has been passed from generation to generation and in the area dates back to the Neolithic.

Far, the Ministry of Tourism and Commerce has declared fifteen points Artisan Interest. Along with the six workshops Almería, this distinction have two Málaga (Alberto Cascón, windows; y Juan Rosén, embroidery), three Huelva (José Carlos Escobar, dedicated to ceramics in Nerva; José Antonio González, Ceramic Campofrío; y Ana Bella Cortés, textile printing in Lepe) and four in Jaén (the pottery Juan Pablo Muñoz Martínez, Juan Pablo Melchor Martínez Sánchez and Martínez, forging and blacksmithing José Garrido, all in Ubeda).

Regulatory order

Zones and Points of Interest Artisan are regulated in an order that details the procedure, review and repeal, and distinctive for identification. Statements identify both areas offering a greater concentration of workshops that have a specific geographical proximity, themselves as local presenting homogeneous production characteristics.

Local and workshops that get this award can appear in official publications and crafts and tourism guides you edit the Regional Administration, and participate in fairs and other events organized by the Ministry with the aim of promoting and improving the marketing of craft products in the field of community.

Equally, this statement is the first step for the subsequent implementation of other measures of support and collaboration with relevant bodies in tourism, as well as linking the promotion in these areas and their incorporation into future Craft Routes in Andalusia, working on the Department of Tourism and Commerce.