Almerienses four companies go 1,7 million to projects to improve their competitiveness


The almerienses companies Sensaodor S. L., glassware F. Sola S. L., Control and Certification Entity S. L., Bakery and Bollería Rosal S. The. will allocate a total of 1.669.000 euros to five projects to improve business competitiveness and one of advanced services, which will contribute to maintaining and creating 62 jobs. These initiatives have received 508.539 euros in incentives for the Agency for Innovation and Development of Andalusia IDEA, agency attached to the Ministry of Employment, Business and Trade, after approval by the Commission of Provincial Assessment Program Grants for Industrial Development, Improving Competitiveness, Digital Transformation and Job Creation in Andalucía.

This program is developed within the framework of the Global Competitiveness-Innovation Grant-Jobs in Andalusia 2014-2020, integrated in the ERDF Operational Program Andalusia 2014-2020, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

The Global Grant 2014-2020 It aims to improve competitiveness and increase the Andalusian productive fabric in order to boost economic growth and stable employment and quality in Andalusia.

Among the actions supported the expansion of productive capacity are through the acquisition of machinery and equipment, energy optimization company or starting new business, in the case of aid to improve competitiveness; As for advanced services, They refer to external consultancy for positioning and product differentiation.

Specifically, this has encouraged the company last line Sensaodor S. L., based in Almería, with 22.195 euros. Also, IDEA Agency has approved incentives to improve their competitiveness to businesses Glassware F. Sola S. L., Fines, two grants totaling 252.658 euros; the firm ejidense Control and Certification Entity S. L., with 101.400 euros; Bakery and Bollería Rosal S. L., Huercal de Almeria, which also has two projects approved for a total amount of 132.285 euros.
Incentives for Industrial Development

Order for granting subsidies to companies for Industrial Development, Improving Competitiveness, Digital Transformation and Employment Creation 2017-2020 It has an initial budget of 145 million euros financed with FEDER that add 12,5 million funds of the Board to support projects Large Companies.

Its goal is to help strengthen the industry, the creation and growth of companies that generate employment and boost production innovation in the areas of smart specialization and integration of advanced services for business management, the business promotion and cooperation.

The Order sets out five lines of action: creation of economic activity, improving the competitiveness of enterprises, highly employment-generating projects, incorporation of advanced services for business management and business revitalization initiatives, and promotion of digital transformation of SMEs.

In this Order, the grant rate may exceed 70%, depending on the size of the company and the aid scheme applicable in each case, starting from minimum investment percentages ranging from 15%, for certain projects of large industries, until 50% in digital transformation projects of SMEs.

These percentages may be increased if, also, some additional features is fulfilled, as the net generation of permanent employment; which concerned an innovative project; contributing to the development of the Innovation Strategy of Andalusia 2020 (RIS3 Andalucía); belonging to sectors of high and medium-high technology; which are social economy projects; projects that are priority groups (under 35 years and / or women and / or unemployed over 45 age, with more than 2 years without working and / or graduates or returned overseas doctors whose training period and / or work abroad has been higher than 6 continued months); Spaces are located in Innovation question or spin-off industrial or technological.