As a result of research conducted, agents Guardia Civil Post Olula the River (Almería), come to arrest A. J. F. S., of 34 years old, Fines neighbor (Almería), P. J. F. G., of 38, neighbor Alicante, S. D. A. R., of 18, and A. The. P., of 22, both residents of the town of Rio Olula (Almería), suspected of a crime of burglary in things and other criminal damage.

The Civil Guard initiated the investigation after the report is in the River Olula Post (Almería), theft committed in an uninhabited farmhouse and located in the municipality of Rio Olula, where subtracted various antiques farm, the rear axle of a truck, the chassis of a Seat 600 into abeyance, and the metal structure of a vine, anchored to the facade of the house.

In the visual inspection performed by agents of the Guardia Civil, check the damage that has the facade of the house, damage estimated at more than 4000 € budget as presented by the victim, collecting important information on the scene, counting this time with the cooperation of citizens.

During sustained research, and information collected, the agents know the characteristics of the truck used by the authors of theft, vehicle equipped with a crane, with which, using tweezers, starts the iron structure of the vine attached to the facade, to load them on the truck.

During the development of research, agents located a truck with similar characteristics to that described, checking as the vehicle in question, owned by a recycling company, I had been loading scrap in subject Inn robbery, last day 15 March.

After comparing all the information, Civil Guard proceeded to arrest A. J. F. S. andP. J. F. G., workers recycling company and people had collected scrap Farmhouse, suspected of a crime of burglary in things and criminal damage, Retrieving the rearaxel, facilities junkyard.

Continuing research, Civil Guard knows that A. J. F. S., bought junk a person claiming to be the owner of the farm, so the last day 15 moved to the site to collect the material, where he met with two people, Home Owners assumptions, who came to refer to him not to worry about the damage to the front and they were going to demolish the farmhouse.

With this information, Civil Guard performs the necessary investigations to identify and locate these people, conducting arrests S. D. A. R. and A. The. P., who posed as owners of the farm, suspected of a crime of burglary in things and criminal damage, Seat recovering structure 600 in the town of Fines (Almería).

Proceedings instructed by the Civil Guard were delivered, with detainees, in the Court of Single Instruction Purchena (Almería).