Vera four schools participating in 'La Liga del Vidrio’ to promote the recycling of glass containers



Ecovidrio, the non-profit organization responsible for managing the recycling of glass packaging waste in Spain, the Government of Andalusia and the Andalusian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (help) in collaboration with the Almanzora-Levante-Vélez Consortium and the City of Vera they have launched the "League of Glass" initiative to promote and raise awareness among schoolchildren in the municipality on the importance and benefits of recycling containers glass.

During the two months that the campaign (February and March), 4 colleges 74 Andalusian municipalities will participate in a league to meet the best school recycling glass containers Andalusia.

Specifically, the municipality of Vera participates 4 schools, Catholic schools Reyes, Angel Haro, Four Sewers and Valdeserra, which they have been very active since the beginning of the competition, both the school and the whole educational community.

Coral Rojas-Marcos, Area manager Ecovidrio stressed the importance of raising awareness among smaller on glass recycling: "Children are a mainstay in environmental education since it is they who then transmit the values ​​of recycling at home. Through this competition we hope to involve not only the smallest but also their relatives and neighbors to deposit as much glass as possible to make recycling a habit ".

For his part, Felix Lopez, Mayor of Vera, Councilor and Public Services, Francisca Garcia, have highlighted that "thanks to initiatives like this will contribute in the education of the youngest in environmental respect and care for the children of tomorrow are the standard bearers of recycling".

A campaign that rewards the effort of school

The campaign "The League of Glass" is a recognition of the efforts of all school and families get more recycled glass containers than the rest. For this, each school will have a glass container assigned, vinylated personalized with the identity of the center and located in close proximity to each of the participating schools.

Also, to encourage participating schools to recycle more, in addition to the glass container, They will be given brochures, Animated GIFs that can share in their social networks, collection bags to facilitate the transfer of glass and merchandising contest.

The development of the competition will be following through a microsite created for the occasion,, where they will be available updated data, as well as information concerning the actions carried out within the campaign.

The school that most recycle at the end of the campaign will win one day for multisport 100 students. The second and third prize is € 1,000 delivery that can redeem for school supplies or computer equipment.

In addition to the final winner, there will be monthly winners, rewarding 3 schools more recyclers in February and March with a mini igloo. Also, It will be awarded with 1,000 € to be invested in social assistance, the municipality whose cumulative recycling among all participating schools is the highest.

environmental benefits of recycling glass

The glass is deposited in the containers is recycled to 100% and it used to manufacture new containers, indefinitely without losing the original properties. Recycling glass we avoid the growth of landfills.

Glass recycling is a key element in the fight against climate change. By using cullet -glass Recycle- in the manufacture of new packaging extraction of raw materials of nature is avoided, preventing soil erosion and deforestation of our environment.

Also, CO2 emission is minimized in the manufacturing process and saves energy.

20 añazos recycling glass containers

Following the adoption of the Law on packaging and packaging waste 1997 and the start of operations 1998, Ecovidrio became the managing body of a model recycling guaranteeing a public service, universal and complete. Recycling of glass packaging is a key element to contribute to sustainable development in accordance with the principles of circular economy.

During the last two decades the rate of recycling of glass packaging has grown exponentially rising from 31,3% Year 2000 to the 72% in 2016, Ecovidrio rate estimated according to the current calculation method. Ecovidrio work out for ensuring high quality recycled through the container, strengthening infrastructures and collection containerization, invest in plans and resources to increase recycling of glass containers in hospitality, mobilize citizens through awareness campaigns and promote prevention and ecodesign of packaging.

Ecovidrio is the nonprofit organization responsible for managing the recycling of glass packaging waste in Spain. 8.000 bottling companies make it possible, their contribution through the green point, recycling system.