Andalusian Canata, Almería first company authorized to sell hams in the US

Canatha farmhouse combines tradition and innovation in their hams.

Canatha farmhouse combines tradition and innovation in their hams.
Canatha farmhouse combines tradition and innovation in their hams.

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development of the Government of Andalusia, Carmen Ortiz, It was here Thursday Hams farmhouse Canatha company located in Seron (Almería), which he congratulated for being the first company almeriense and the second of Andalusia you get the authorization to export this product to United States.

This new business opportunity has been made possible thanks to the work of expansion of facilities of this entity, a performance that has received aid almost Board 170.000 Framed euros in the LiderA Program Rural Development Program (PDR) Andalusia 2007-2013 and managed through the Rural Development Group (GDR) Almanzora.

Ortiz said that the regional government “will continue to offer support” the food industry that are committed to modernization through the new PDR Andalusia, which it has more than 200 million euros in aid for this line.

He recalled that this company has also had the support of the Junta de Andalucía through Andalusian Extenda-Trade Promotion Agency, under the Ministry of Economy and Knowledge, which advises entities “that needed boost to the global market”.

During the visit, the Minister of Agriculture has called Cortijo de Canatha of Hams “example for other meat industries in the province”, a sector which in his opinion is presented as “linchpin” development inside and Almería “we must continue to strengthen” joining forces to promote and market better.

“We must have differentiated quality designations, who defend the good name and prestige of our products”, He added Ortiz, who explained that those left are “an added guarantee for consumers”, while enabling better use of incentives to promote the European Union (EU).

Hams Canatha farmhouse is dedicated to healing and commercialization of hams, and grossed more than 500.000 EUR 2015. The company expects to increase this amount in 2016 thanks to the authorization to export to the United States, circumstance that has led to a recent increase in the workforce.

The company plans to increase production, currently is hovering around 20.000 hams and raise it to the 70.000 pieces this year; and also increase exports, which currently account for 50% production of. Among the destinations of these hams are countries as diverse as Japan, Mexico the New Zealand.