Cortijo Canata exports half of its hams to the Japanese market, European, Mexico and New Zealand.

The territorial delegate Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, Adriana Valverde, Seron visited the company Cortijo de Canata, dedicated to the production and sale of hams. The company has expanded its facilities to 2.000 square meters and has modernized and adapted to meet the requirements of approval that allows to export their products to the US.

Francisco José Rodríguez, seronense firm manager, Adriana has shown Valverde facilities, with the various areas of raw material reception, salting, curing and preparation for sale, that have the capacity to produce about 70.000 bone and boneless hams a year. The company has five workers and belongs to the Association of hams and sausages Seron, which has the distinctive Protected Geographical Identification of Seron.

Cortijo de Canata currently exports 50% production of, of a 20.000 Annual parts, countries like Japan, Mexico and New Zealand, plus several European countries, and is forecast to increase its international portfolio of clients coming to the United States, for which it is in the process of getting approval required. The company has the expertise of the Andalusian Trade Promotion Agency, Extenda, for consolidation and international growth.

Adriana Valverde explained Francisco José Rodríguez new hiring incentives implemented by the Junta de Andalucía to encourage job creation, as scholarships for professional placements, of which there are thousands available for Andalusia; the new edition of Bono Youth Employment, with 4.800 euros for an indefinite contract one year; and aids 6.000 euros for permanent hiring of unemployed older 45 years old.

Also, He had been informed about the new line IDEA Agency incentives for the creation and consolidation of industrial SMEs and employment generating projects highly, endowed with 112 million, aimed at industrial SMEs and services to the industry and other sectors where the projects are highly generators of employment.

Valverde has also offered the employer seronense order incentive program for sustainable energy development in Andalucía A of the Andalusian Energy Agency, whose validity has been recently extended to the 1 June 2015 to continue reviving the economy and employment and promoting a more sustainable energy model. This order covers actions such as improved lighting and HVAC, and conducting energy audits and studies.