Cortes road traffic Almería on the occasion of the Tour

Profile of step.

Profile of step.

The Provincial Traffic reports that tomorrow day 30 August, on the occasion of the arrival of the Tour of Spain in its 72 Editing the province of Almería, will remain temporarily closed to traffic the following roads

  • A-332: "De Cuevas del Almanzora to San Juan de los Terreros"
  • AL-7107: "From the A-370 Vera A-332 in Pulpí by the Pozo del Esparto Cuevas del Almanzora"
    • A-1207:"Access to Garrucha from the A-352"
    • AL-5107: "De Carboneras Mojacar to Garrucha"
    • A-370: "De Los Gallardos Garrucha"
    • A-1203: "Variant Coastal Zone Mojacar"
    • AL-6113: "From the A-370 to the AL-5107 by Turre and Mojacar"
    • AL-6111: "From N-340th Turre"
    • N-340a: "In the stretch of Alfaix to Tabernas"
    • A-349: "Taverns to Olula del Río Macael"
    • AL-3102: "From the A-349 in Tabernas to Tíjola by Velefique, Bacares y Bayarque”
      • AL-5407: "From the AL-3102 to the A-1178 in Collado Ramal de Bacares"
      • A-1178: "Seron to Gérgal"
      • AL-4404: "From the A-92 to El Calar Alto Gérgal by Aulago

The scheduled time of entry into the province of Almeria will be at 13:20 h. by San Juan de los Terreros in the municipality of Pulpí and from there flow through: Cuevas del Almanzora, Vera, Garrucha, Tower, Los Gallardos, Sorbas, Lucainena de las Torres, Turrillas, Taverns, Velefique y Bacares, up to Calar Alto to 17:00 h. about.

access and parking nearby private vehicles will be limited, It is immobilized during the course of the test, so you should follow the instructions of the agents of the Authority responsible for monitoring traffic and road safety.