Constituted the Provincial Association of Land Transport of Merchandise of Almería


José Ortega Corto is the president of the Association of Land Freight Transport of the province of Almería, a new organization that was born within Asempal to represent and defend companies and freelancers dedicated to the land transport of goods in the province of Almería and which includes full-load companies and land transport agencies.

Together with him form this first Board of Directors Andrés Belzunces Mena, vice president; Miguel Ángel Salmerón Rodríguez, secretary; and José Cabrera Parra and Mario García as vocals.

Ground transportation of goods is one of the most important economic engines of the province, since it absorbs more than 95% of the total merchandise mobilized. A sector that, despite having been hit hard by the crisis and with costs at the limit, It has shown signs of a constant capacity for growth and improvement both in its efficiency and in its levels of road safety..

The interest of the sector to join, not in vain it affects more than 200 companies and approximately 2.000 workers in the province, It is reflected in the great participation that the previous meetings have had and it is expected that many more companies, especially freelancers and SMEs, join this initiative, as the complexity of modern logistics makes the need for strong and broadly representative business associations more apparent.

The Provincial Association of Land Freight Transport will soon maintain contacts with the competent administrations to convey their proposals and objectives..