Course VI concludes Realism Museo Casa Ibáñez

Picture with all participants Edition 2017.

Picture with all participants Edition 2017.

Valentina Sforzini and Eduardo Millán were the authors of the two paintings selected by Lopez and Ibanez as the best exercises conducted during the workshop.

The last friday, 26 May, the room 14 Ibanez Museum was filled with public to attend the official closing of the VI Course Realism and Figuration, since last Monday 22 May, They have taught Antonio López (Tomelloso, 1936) and Andrés García Ibáñez (Olula River, 1971) Ibáñez Museum in Olula of the River (Almería). A simple ceremony full of emotions and moments to remember.

Nothing more start, Juan Manuel Martin Robles, director of the Foundation for Art Ibáñez Cosentino and coordinator of the Course-wished to reiterate its appreciation to all who make it possible "that for five days our museum will become a magical space, more magical than it already is: Antonio López and Andrés García Ibáñez, thirty-six artists who this year participated in the workshop and institutions year after year support this initiative, as the own Ibáñez Art Foundation Cosentino, Almería Provincial Council and the City of Olula of the River. People and institutions without which it would be impossible adventure '.

After the official opening of the event took the floor Antonio M. Pascual (Mayor of Olula of the River), who noted "for Olula of the River and Almería 'the importance of the workshop and cultural project represented by the Art Foundation Ibáñez Cosentino, highlighting "the important economic activation and international projection that assumes the course for Olula '; Santiago Alfonso (patron of the Art Foundation Ibáñez Cosentino and marketing director of the multinational Cosentino), who he wanted to take the opportunity to "congratulate all participants for the effort you have done during these days", thank Antonio López "the trust placed in the Foundation" and valued as "highly positive" activity of this new edition of the course; and Oscar Liria (Deputy Provincial Development), who on behalf of the President of the Diputación de Almería, don Gabriel Amat, He wanted to transfer to the Foundation congratulated "for the great cultural work being done by Olula of the River and the province of Almeria», and "firm commitment, of the President of the Council and the current government team, with Ibáñez Museum, the project of the City of Culture and the initiatives of the Foundation of Art Ibáñez Cosentino, because we believe in culture and always be on the side of those who work for it and its value ".

Following interventions, The event continued with the presentation of diplomas to 36 Course participants and the announcement of the names of the authors of the 12 exercises selected this year by Antonio López and Andrés García Ibáñez as the most outstanding: Carmen Dolores Chami Pedroza (Mexico D. F.), Ana del Valle Ojeda (Burgos), Enrique González Reche (Valladolid), Lara Antonio Luque (Jerez de la Frontera), Eduardo Millán Sañudo (Jerez de la Frontera), Alberto Notario García (Irún), Rosario Ortiz García (Orihuela), Jean Carlos Puerto (Murcia), José Miguel Sánchez Peinado (Colmenar Viejo), Valentina Sforzini (Mantova, Italy), Manuel Sierra Sánchez (Chiclana) and Marc Torrent Sala (Gerona).

Last, and after indicating "that it has been such the quality of all exercises performed, more than seventy, This year Antonio López and Andrés García Ibáñez decided to reward two artists, instead of one as is usual being ', Martin Robles announced the names of the two painters whose exercise had been awarded: Eduardo Millán and Valentina Sforzini. Authors of two magnificent still lifes that have already become part of the funds of the Museum Ibáñez Olula of the River.


"There is a very high level ', I said Antonio Lopez on the workshop held in Olula

Just before the start of the closing, Antonio Lopez stated that "since we had wanted applications and make the selection at home we found the two was the best of all workshops, by dossier, and certainly is terrific. There is a very high level and here twelve things of beauty in painting and refinement as I think I ever. Perhaps the good things in other shops also have this level, but this block of twelve or fourteen four is an extraordinary thing. They worked as always, with great enthusiasm and the workshop he went very well ".

Some impressions Andrés García Ibáñez reiterated noting that "has cost a lot of work to choose because there is a greater amount of good pictures this year, It has painted well. Proof that there are many good things is that other years we have selected nothing more than five or six, and this year we had to select twelve painters. And among those who have not been selected there are very good things ".

Once known as the author of your choice one of the two exercises highlighted by Antonio López and Andrés García Ibáñez, Eduardo Millán confessed that "what is important win, but most important is what you bring to the course. It is impressive to see two artists like Andres and Antonio, as supplied, his goodness, they give you everything and do not ask anything in return. What you learn in one week, I always say, is more than what is learned in four or five years of career '. For his part, Valentina Sforzini, visibly excited about her choice, "It seems me a dream, I never imagined this, "noted, He stressed the importance that she had her participation in the course: "I stimulated me a lot for my work. I've been told my teachers, Andres and Antonio, I always going to remember here. For my work as a painter I will always serve ".