Work begins to improve the roadbed access to the industrial estate of Arboleas


The Ministry of Public Works and Housing has initiated work to improve the roadbed of service and access to the industrial estate in the municipality of Arboleas, area was used as a temporary detour while the works of the highway were developed A-334, specifically in the section of the variant of Albox. The territorial delegate of Public Works and Housing, Joaquín Jiménez, He explained that "the increase in traffic in this area has left the firm in disrepair, the following injury to users, so the Board has decided to act to restore the damage and driving ".

The performance, launched today, It consists pavement strengthening extended by a hot bituminous mixture in all sidings. As a preliminary step an asphalt emulsion is applied to ensure adhesion and then restore the horizontal signaling is affected.

Jimenez added that once the roads are in perfect condition, Territorial Delegation initiate the process for the transfer of the same to the City of Arboleas, "Thus we respond to the commitment made with the mayor, Cristobal Garcia Granados, with whom we have agreed that the transfer will occur when the tracks are perfectly serviceable and in good condition ".