Work begins on the Adult Residence and Occupational Center in Serón

The Serón City Council begins the works of the Residence for Adults and Occupational Center that the company Facto Almeriense de Construcciones y Obras Públicas S. A. will be carried out in this municipality for a base bidding budget of 1.778.618,85 euros (VAT included).

The expected duration of the works is approximately 15 months, period that began to be calculated a few days ago when the 'Verification and Stakeout' Act of the work was held; being in December 2021 when the town council foresees the completion of the infrastructure located in the La Arquilla neighborhood in the upper part of the town. Currently the machines are carrying out the earth moving tasks necessary to reach the foundation level of the basement of the building that will give way to the start of this project.

The new space, preview for 30 squares will have three floors, two above ground and one on slope. The building will also have several terraces, an orchard, lounges and common areas for residents. The residential center will be a building very integrated in the space with garden areas, lounges or viewpoints for residents to carry out activities and workshops. The charm of the space lies in the area where it is located; the upper part of the town with a nearby landscape and a unique environment.

This will be a specialized social services center, which at the same time will provide a useful activity, promote social integration. The purpose of the project that has been requested is that of a building that houses the uses of a residential center and an occupational center with capacity for three dozen users. These potential users will be mostly residents, therefore the building will have simultaneity of uses.

The City Council trusts that the new space will be a benchmark for this type of center both due to its location and its characteristics., "Serving to meet the needs of care for people with disabilities and to obtain stable employment in the municipality", explains the mayor of serón, Juan Antonio Lorenzo.

The Antonio Martínez Aragón architecture studio located in Málaga, was the company that carried out the Basic and Execution Project of this Residence, to which nine companies presented themselves.