Construction begins on the new phase of 'Water and Health Center’ in Albox.

This week we have started construction by the City of Albox four paddle within the sports complex 'Water and Health Center’ which is already available to users the Municipal Pool Deck and a full gym with many activities. It is expected that the work, including the construction of stands on center court, completed early next April.

The paddle is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports in Spain for years, becoming the second most practiced by the Spanish second only to football. The Department of Sports City of Albox and made available to the albojenses four paddle Premium with all the features needed for this sport. De facto, some of the best players will meet on 24, 25 and 26 April to compete on new tracks in the tournament 'Open Paddle Power-City of Albox’ with prizes of more than 1.800 euros in cash.

New facilities and services nearby

Sports facilities that add to the already existing and you certainly have made Albox in the municipality with more and better facilities throughout the region and much of the province. After the construction of the indoor and outdoor pool, gym and paddle, the next phase will include the completion of tennis courts, a recreational area, a petanque, one Biosalud park for older people and an area of ​​"skate" for skaters and "skaters".

Councillor for Sports,Francisco Carrillo, Albox has held that "at last count with a paddle premier municipal level. We know it is a very popular sport in our town and so we have to know our neighbors. We have given solution and answer to this demand with the construction of these tracks included in the project of 'Water and Health Center’ that this government team has made available to all albojenses ".

But the construction of the paddle and upcoming sports facilities provided are not everything. In the coming weeks also will launch the corresponding process for opening a bar and restaurant within the complex as well as a shop. "What really matters is not the number of tracks or quality facilities with which they have equipped Albox. What is important is that all albojenses have at your hand numerous sports facilities to encourage healthy sport and improve the health of our neighbors ", has concluded the Socialist councilor of Sports.

The new paddle which will be completed in the coming weeks, will make this sports complex built by the city one of the most complete of all the province offering the residents of Albox numerous possibilities for sport, thus improving the quality of life of all albojenses.