The filming of a movie that features Palomares pump starts.

Elite corps: Palomares mission produced by MOD Productions, Atresmedia Film and Kowalski Films, involving Atresmedia and EITB, He has started filming this week.

Elite corps: Mission Palomares has an ensemble cast which highlights Maria Leon (Carmina and Amen), Miki Esparbé (Losing the north), Jordi Sánchez (Now or never), Andoni Agirregomezkorta (My big night) and Juan Carlos Aduviri (Even the Rain). The film will feature collaborations Silvia Abril, Carlos Areces, Joaquín Reyes, Paper Aniorte, Roberto Bodegas, Cesar Romero and Vicente Sarachu.


La CIA, MI6, Mossad ... If they are so good, Why everybody knows your name? Exact. In Spain there is a group of special operations so secret that no one knows of its existence: regional elite body.

After falling into a trap, the current Elite Corps dies and is necessary to recruit a new team. Saints, Lola, Pep, Gorka and Byron are the elect to glory. If we understand the brown glory of finding a terrorist who has lost an old nuclear bomb in Palomares. They must overcome their differences and save the country before it's too late.

Before you did not know in whose hands was your safety. Now you rather not know.

Joaquín wheel Mazón his debut after a successful career in television as a director of comedy. The script is signed by Cristóbal Adolfo Garrido and Valor (Ghost Graduation) and executive producers by MOD Producciones.

According to the director, "Elite Corps is a close and rich visual comedy invites the viewer to enjoy a world that few know but we've all imagined, a world of action, spy, villains ... For me it is a great pleasure to work with a cast like Elite Corps, with so much talent for comedy. "

The filming will take place on location in Extremadura, The Basque Country, Madrid and Barcelona for seven weeks.