COAG requested declared 'disaster area' northern Almería due to extreme drought.

The counties of Los Vélez, Almanzora Valley, The Filabres-Taverns, the Alpujarra and the Levant recorded from September dimensions lower rainfall in recent 150 years old.

Farmers and ranchers in northern Almería are on the brink of the abyss by extreme drought in areas such as the counties of Los Vélez, Almanzora Valley, The Filabres-Taverns, the Alpujarra and Almeria Levante. "The northern part of Almeria is recording since September the lowest levels of rain in the last 150 years old. They are very alarming data and regional and central authorities must act immediately. The farmers in these areas are desperate because they see how they are losing their livelihood without anyone to help them keep. That is why we call upon the Government of Andalusia and the Central Government to immediately investigate the possibility of declaring 'disaster area' affected municipalities ", argue from COAG Almería.

Nuts, cereal and livestock at risk

As explained by Juan Perez, Responsible Nuts Agrarian Organization, "Has lost practically all of cereal crop. We are talking about only in the province of Almería have lost around 18.000 hectares. In the case of the almond trees we lost half of the expected harvest. If it rained something in May or June we could still pick up something but no forecasts. Also, the situation can become more serious, because if it does not rain in summer could lose around 50% Trees ". The complicated situation is causing "some producers are watering in dry casks to try to salvage some of the crop but if a weather miracle does not occur the 70-80% harvest of nuts is also doomed to lose ".

A similar situation living Almeria farmers who are looking at the lack of rain there is no grass to feed the animals. "The drought has us worse than bad. Here there fell a drop of water and we are exhausted. Right now all the food of the animals we have to buy, and with the money always ahead, but we are suffocated and we know which way we're going to take ", said Juan Pedro Miravete, Responsible Livestock COAG Almería who stresses that "we run out of money and sheep since we have to pay all feed, barley, Straw and other accessories that we need to feed livestock. If the drought continues we will need, also, that the Andalusian water tanks moved us to the farms ".

To Mirabete is vital that "aid arriving because we can not let the animals die. To this we must find a solution and is no longer our hand. It is very sad to see how there are farmers who are having to cut back on food animals because they have no money to buy. The cattle are increasingly spoiled and has less meat ", relates with concern.

Both responsible for this situation will intensify because "when the heat in summer this will be catastrophic".

Operations at stake

Agricultural Organization understands that northern Almería is living an exceptional and disturbing situation and that is why the government should classify the area as catastrophic as before and "aid for replanting are published in order to fruit farmers dry cereal can recover productive capacity, and aid for farmers who can no longer feed livestock in any way to pasture by failing because of drought. Also, declared disaster area farmers and ranchers need to be put in place subsidized loans, exemption and refund of the costs of social security and IBI, among other aid ".

The declaration of implementation of subsidized loans, the costs of social security and livestock producers, the return of the IBI, including aid.

COAG Almería believes if Andalusian Government and no act is very difficult for these farms can survive alone. "If you do not do anything about it and the future profitability of these farms is at stake, something that will influence the depopulation of rural areas and in the maintenance and sustainability of rural areas ", conclude.