Albox theater by AEPA and the City

Albox Cultura
Movie poster in Albox.
Movie poster in Albox.

The cinema hall Federico García Lorca City Council will host daily premieres as' Vaiana’ Disney and the screening of '1898. The Last of the Philippines'.

The Association of Entrepreneurs and Professionals Albox, Almanzora Valley (AEPA) has made available albojenses and neighbors around the Almanzora Valley the ability to enjoy movies on a daily basis. With the cooperation of the City of Albox, the auditorium Federico García Lorca Consistory will host from next Friday 2 December projection of a film each day in several sessions.

AEPA intention of this initiative is simply to "offer our neighbors a cultural activity over face this Christmas and will continue for the rest of the year, while making more attraction for residents of other nearby villages of Valle del Almanzora they come to visit, enjoy good movies and have the opportunity to visit the many shops and stores that are located in the urban area of ​​our town ", explains Martin Martos Cerdán, president of AEPA.

This new cultural joins the launch by AEPA Open Mall Albox (CCA) 'The Horsemen', intended revitalize, improve and enhance the urban commercial structure and define the commercial organization of the city with an image and own strategy and a global conception of commercial offer, services, Culture and Leisure.

The projections begin next 2 December to child premiere 'Vaiana’ the factory Disney. The animated feature you can also see for the first time on Friday at seven pm until Thursday 8 December on the same schedule except on Saturday when the film was screened at seven and at half past nine p.m. and Sunday, day that the film will open at half past five and at eight p.m..