“Letters and figures”

Sometimes, from the intention of serving the community, we pour our efforts to create tools for the promotion and development of all those shortcomings detected along experiences. In our endeavor to show closeness agencies and institutions created the ENPI. The Institute for the Study of Valle del Almanzora, as an agency accredited by the Association of Municipalities, designed and compiled a set of projects aimed at revitalizing the interest in research, heritage and promoting the Almanzora, in what was intended to be the beginning of activity of their departments. Funding would be provided by European funds for rural development, as had already happened in advance with other examples of social or cultural initiatives, and tourism.
At GDR Territorial Assembly held on 02/08/2011 proceeds to the approval of a total of € 55,000 for development projects. The green light lit log records, orders, layouts ... But nothing is further from reality. The ENPI had become another political trophy, regardless of their meaning, functionality, origen the statutes, which were adopted at the session of the Assembly of the Commonwealth, unanimously, where the characteristics and conditions to search for a new head that were not even taken into account were regulated, so once held "selection process" was resorted to twice. The seat of Oria-example of regional decentralization- had already been occupied, breach of an agreement, without notice and without the possibility of removing documents and personal items. I had the unpleasant experience of check in person. Everything was a full-blown assault, with the sole intention to clear any previous trace. At least they could have used the usual legal channels for any reform process and had avoided the witch burning sensation that emerges from all this.
I take this opportunity to explain because I have been asked numerous times about it and to publicly expose the hard-won. Intentional and tension outlined in offices waving and divides the county has made me think about whether this is good time for this, but let him spend more time lost would make sense for an explanation. It is pleasing to note or remember last ordeal, not represent any vengeful attitude. I do not know how or in what way it has proceeded to full justification of projects implemented, as it is clearly stated in its reports the execution time ranged from 8 and 12 months, even being linked by other matching grants of the Andalusian, as in the case of that the Almanzora Palace. The new lobby minded and confident that now runs the inheritance would have to ask

At the end are all numbers and letters, result of an unpleasant process and Dante, where misunderstanding and lack of collective spirit has prevailed, as one who takes elbows to earn a good site when a picture is. The absurdity and the intentional discrediting, amalgamated into conspiracies at dawn where the spirit of revenge is imposed on the sacred rules of the game, makes some forget that their malicious efforts make deeper the gap that hurts the people of the region, not distinguish political signs when expressed disappointed or happy, assertive and hopeful, waiting to get one unified objective: respect to the Valle del Almanzora. I remember the patience of admiration Antonio Berbel, who had the illusion of seeing their work published, with funding available and despised late, detriment of the wave 2.0.
In my wanderings through each of the towns in the region, I met a lot of people, full of wisdom, regards, illusions ... which have made me who I am, because of all I learned something. Our true wealth is our great people, the waiting in good faith that we do the best we (refugiarse without pseudonyms in sniper), by those worth any effort. This could not take it off. Nor will I allow.