Ciemat stores almost 6.000 kilos of radioactive material in Palomares four shipments from Madrid from 2011

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The Center for Energy Research, Environment and Technology (Ciemat) He has moved to the village of Palomares, Cuevas del Almanzora, nearly six tons of radioactive material since 2011 and they remain stored in two sea containers located next to two irrigation ponds and a laboratory located in the Zona 3, located between the streets Diseminado Paraje Guardicas and La Punta.

The 5.152 kilos of radioactive material deposited in the two containers has a radiation activity “total of 33,43 MBq (241Am) and 133,76 MBq (239+240Could)” while 670 kilos found in the warehouse of the laboratory have a total activity 0,77 MBq y 3,08 MBq for americium and plutonium, respectively, as it stated in a report submitted by the CIEMAT at the request of the Audiencia Nacional (AN) under the contentious-administrative procedure driven by Ecologists in Action to activate Rehabilitation Plan Area.

CIEMAT had recognized only publicly, following a “news reports”, who made two shipments 2016 with just under 1.500 kilos of samples were from surveys conducted on the floor of Palomares to prepare the characterization study 3-D, in particular of the 40 contaminated and low radiation monitoring hectares.

He said in a statement that the first shipment was 10 It may and was composed of 76 boxes with different samples of total weight 796 kilos and radiological activity 0.9 MBq (241Am) and 3.6 MBq (239+240Could) while the second was run the 29 November with 77 boxes with different samples, total weight 670 kilos and a total activity of 0.77 MBq (241Am) 3.08 MBq (239+240Could). From the CIEMAT has always maintained that they “very low radiological activity”.

The report, consulted by Europa Press and consists of six pages with annexes to the records of each of the four shipments from 2011 through a transport company “authorized”, reference is made to the High Court after the Seventh Section directed to request the 1 February to Ciemat detailed information on this subject.

The room understood so that the transfer of these materials was a “relevant fact” when deciding whether to require the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) to implement the rehabilitation plan for the area it was approved in 2010, so also it issued an official for inventory to adduce “all radioactive materials” which they are stored in two containers placed next to two irrigation ponds.

In the documentation sent to the NA, Ciemat detailing the materials in one container come “of 182 polls” made under the Indalo Project, which generated “10 PVC boxes” with a total weight of 1.280 grams and moved to the said container 2 June 2011 by highway.

Also, They are deposited 379 kilos of “materials produced in a pilot test” It held in 2012 and others 796 kilos, Yes recognized so far, which they are the result of historical sampling under the environmental monitoring program to control the content of plutonium and americium and moved in 76 the boxes 10 May 2016 from the headquarters of CIEMAT in Madrid.

In the two container, as detailed in the documentation, there 352 kilos of samples collected in 2008 during the performance of the three-dimensional radiological characterization (3D) Palomares soil to determine the depth of contamination and moved from Madrid to Palomares in September 2013.

Others 1.475 kilos of the same origin and 870 kilos of hydrogeological surveys were deposited in 2008 while sampling surveys were conducted and.

CIEMAT indicates in its report, advance for La Voz de Almería, that “although it not has formally requested” by the Audiencia Nacional, the second shipment held in 2016, specifically in November, with 670 kilos of material which was also supported, He not deposited in any container but “He stood at the lab store area 3 Without access to the maritime container ponding area 2 due to heavy rains”. “Since then –apuntilla– all materials that formed this shipment remain stored in that location”.

With regard to the second part of the office of the High Court, Ciemat noted that records of said transport which are annexed “They do not include a favorable report” part CSN “not to be prescriptive as required by regulations” and remarks that were made by a “transport company authorized”.


The National Court agreed to incorporate the procedure, at the request of Ecologists in Action, the press release, jointly, issued CIEMAT and the City of Caves day 26 October 2018 and in which it was said that the transfer was made “without knowledge of Enresa or CSN”.

These documents also include a photograph of signaling this “temporary storage”, signaling it says is “simulate which may have a hunting, without in any area of ​​the fence appears some signs indicating that in those containers stored radioactive material” and three other snapshots, this time obtained from Google Earth and at different size scales, “the two containers placed next to two irrigation ponds next to the cemetery in Palomares”.

Last, It incorporates a fifth photograph of the building 33 the IR 17 Ciemat with part of said radioactive waste, before they were transported to Palomares.


The Contentious-administrative and rejected the opposition of the State Bar to the High Court indagase this transfer. This argued that this transfer “He had no connection” with the decision on the rehabilitation plan of the area.

“If the claim is that Palomares decontaminate and removal of contaminated soil is requested, It relates to the claim and is a relevant fact that a new storage occurs therein”, He indicated in its self 7th Section, He is stressing the fact that is supposed to be “land is taken from that place” for analysis “Now back to it it is something that must relate test”.

Ecologists in Action requested an extension of facts of the case led to the AN force the CSN to implement the Plan of Rehabilitation of the area approved 2010 behind the “news reports” partially revealed transport of this material.

Source: EuropaPress