Mount of the Holy Spirit. Consolidation Project

Felix Lopez, during his speech.

Felix Lopez, during his speech.

Municipal Auditorium 'Ciudad de Vera' yesterday welcomed the presentation of the Cerro Consolidation Project of the Holy Spirit, with the assistance of more than two hundred people interested in knowing the intervention to be carried out in a symbolic enclave of Vera.

Félix López opened the act, Mayor Vera, showing the desire to recover some of the origins veratenses: "effectively, 500 years after the destruction, we wish to build a future for the city of Bayra. A future that will certainly, the involvement of all citizens of the current Vera in a process of profound change. Not only in the field but executed in social and personal limits citizens Vera ". "Intervening at the origin of our city, It is to intervene in the deepest part of ourselves, guarding our walls, fallen now, We care about the future of our memory, where we want to go, and, above all, how we want to go ".

Félix López explained that the ancient city of Bayra are not just debris stacked in a miraculous balance, visually that we get every time we walked into town. "The ancient city of Bayra talks, whispers. It tells the story of each of us, what could have been, and what we can be in the future ", veratense appreciated the first mayor.

Before the technical approach of the project, Felix Lopez said that no society grow without prior and extensive knowledge of what it was and why it was really. "Because there are people who understand and cohesione but through education and culture, however distant that these words might reverberate us today in the ears ", He concluded.

technical approach

Editors architects of the project, Lola Miralles Miralles Francisco Ubeda and Gerardo Rueda, UMC Company, They addressed the technical aspects of the project to consolidate the archaeological site of the Holy Spirit, "The beginning of a work process", they explained, "To restore this cultural property to the city of Vera".
the project, in a first phase, It is focusing on stabilization and protection of the enclave wall remains, which they have been divided into six sectors of intervention:
Sector 1: hermitage aljibe
Sector 2: foundation – mosque
Sector 3: north tower
Sector 4: Northwest wall
Sector 5: southwest wall
Sector 6: Alcazaba.

The work to be carried out will mainly work to consolidate the heads of the canvases Murari, the subsequent consolidation of the vertical surfaces thereof and recovering the stability of singular elements in each sector. All current methodology and applying techniques with traditional materials.

It is union of technology and tradition ensure a controlled performance that ensures the safety of capital asset throughout the process.

This project marks the beginning of activities dedicated to the fifth anniversary of the earthquake that devastated the ancient city of Bayra and initiate a comprehensive process of intervention in the cultural heritage of the modern city.
numerous activities, as the process of 'open works', They have been raised from the beginning to publicize all the details of these projects, involving citizens and visitors, generating a new cultural center, social and tourism in Vera”