Charity dinner against neurofibromatosis Purchena.

Carlos Suarez signing the shirt donated by the club.
Carlos Suarez signed shirt donated by the club Unicaja CB.

Next 12 September 2014 He is going to hold a charity dinner to raise
Station Restaurant Purchena (Almería). El event is organized by in collaboration with the Station Restaurant and Purchena
Association "El Olivo Magic". Sports clubs Unicaja Basketball (ACB) y UD
Almería (1ª Division) han colaborado con la donación de dos camisetas firmadas por sus
Templates, that will be auctioned on eBay with two original prints donated by
painter Andrés García Ibáñez.

According to event coordinator, Francisco Javier Fernández Espinosa “se espera una respuesta positiva de la comarca del Almanzora, y de personas que ya han confirmado que se desplazarán desde otras provincias”. Reservations can be made on phone 686691158 (Station Restaurant Purchena)

The Neurofibromatosis is a group of genetic diseases that
cause in the affected uncontrolled growth of tumors in almost all
irregularly shaped body. They are multisystem diseases can
affect mainly the skin, the nervous system and bones.
Major complications: Growth problems, learning disabilities,
disfigurement, Epilepsy, bone problems, brain tumors, deafness, blindness,
psychological problems and increased risk of malignancies.
Currently they are incurable. It is one of the most common rare diseases, with a
incidence 1 each 3.500 born. In Spain there are around 15.000 affected.

La ASSOCIATION OF AFFECTED neurofibromatosis (AANF) It is a non
Profit, which was founded in 1997 for the purpose of trying to collect and
help those affected by NF and their families. Since its inception in working
search and dissemination of information, medical support, psychological and social, to
contribute to improving the quality of life of those affected and their families.
Since 2003 Affected by the Association of Neurofibromatosis has collaborated
with different organizations to promote research of Neurofibromatosis
(Institute of Biomedical Research of Bellvitge IDIBELL, Catalan Oncology Institute
(ICO), Foundation for Biomedical Research Hospital Ramón y Cajal).

In 2010, Association Foundation created the NEUROFIBROMATOSIS PROJECT
The sole purpose of promoting research neurofibromatosis.
The funds raised are used to finance research into
Neurofibromatosis. Any contribution, however slightly short and that's what matters.
You can work through grants, donations and organizing activities
beneficial: Concerts, teatros etc..

Current Account:
BBVA Neurofibromatosis Foundation Project: ES200182 5668 11 0201525839