Almost one million students Andalusian benefit from this course program of free textbooks.

The Board brings over 38 million euros this measure against 5,4 intended that the central government.

Almost a million pupils and students of compulsory education Andalusians this course benefit 2013/14 program of free textbooks. This measure, which was launched in 2005, It is aimed at all pupils enrolled in Primary and Secondary schools supported by public funds, that is both public and concerted.

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports commitment to this program despite cuts Ministry and has disappeared from 15 regions, namely, and just keep it in Andalucia and Navarra So the whole state, Board intended this course more than 38 million euros in aid for textbooks compared to the contribution of the central government 5,4 million. Thus Andalusia finances almost 87% this program while the Ministry to low 12%.

The Minister of Education, Culture and Sports, Luciano Alonso, stressed that this program is a guarantee of the right to education of students and the Andalusians on equal opportunities and, “more at a time of economic crisis in which many families have been losing their purchasing power and have great difficulties.” In this sense, Alonso has complained that the LOMCE take an unnecessary expense in publishing textbooks “that will have a very short life because this law back to the past, He was born to die”, he stressed.

The program is developed on loan. The books are the property of the educational administration and remain, once the academic year concluded, in the center where the student has been enrolled so they can be used by other students in subsequent years. Thanks to this initiative, Andalusian families benefit from average savings of around 200 euros for students and course. The free program includes the renovation of textbooks every four years. This course has renewed the material for 1st and 2nd Primary Education, to be replaced every year.

In the last six years, investment by the Board in the program Gratuities textbook exceeds 551 million in the last six years with 6 million students benefited.