'Relay race', 'Word in time' or 'The war that never existed', new cycles of CAL

Antonio José Lucas.

Antonio José Lucas.
Antonio José Lucas.

The general director of Cultural Innovation and Book, Lucas Sanchez Antonio, and the director of content and programming of the Andalusian Centre for Literature (CAL), Juan José Téllez, presented this morning in Málaga literary programming of the Andalusian Centre for Literature in Andalusia for the coming autumn months. 'Relay race, 'Word in time' or 'The war that never existed' are some of the new cycles that start this season.

Antonio Lucas has recognized the emerging literature support and recognition to the older writers with the launch of the new programming CAL. 'Relay race' It is a new type of support and dissemination of creative writing young, which it is based on the sponsorship of junior researchers by established writers. The cycle begins in Malaga with the poets Antonio Jiménez Millán, Aurora Luque, José Infante and Antonio Soler (1, 8, 22 and 29 October) and will continue in Granada with Alvaro Salvador, Mora Angeles, Andrés Neuman and Luis García Montero (5, 12, 29 and 26 November). In each activity, each author will present three new writers and literary production. In 2016, 'Relay Race' will be extended to other provinces.


That same spirit brand largely programming cycle that has already begun in September, Poetry in Picasso, which it takes place next to the Picasso Museum in Malaga and the Andalusian Institute for Women, under the heading of "With A Authors". Next 25 CAL September held a concert-recital at the Museo Picasso Málaga Auditorium called 'Rimas sisters' as a celebration of the five years that meets the series 'Poetry in Picasso' Javier Ruibal, Felipe Benitez Reyes and Juan José Téllez.


In parallel, all provincial capitals and many Andalusian towns receive cycle "Word in the time", in which octogenarian and nonagenarian writers present their work or their lives will discuss with journalists and other authors. Participants include Pablo García Baena, Reina Sofia Poetry Prize and Prince of Asturias Award, and Pilar Paz and María Victoria Atencio Pasamar, designated 2015 and 2014 respectively, as perpetrators of the year in Andalusia; Andrés Sorel, Aquilino Duque, Carlos Murciano, Manuel Alcántara, Antonina Rodrigo or Antonio Murciano, inter alia. 'Word in time' start next 14 October in Almeria with Rafael Guillen to hold talks with Pilar Quirosa.


Literature Memory

"Literature is one of the main instruments we have for the rescue and maintenance of democratic memory. In this, this quarter, commemorate the 70 anniversary of the end of the World War II, with a short course of literary events around this fight also it took place in Andalusia although by a strange historical silence know not appreciate enough ", ha señalado del director general de Innovación Cultural y del Libro. ‘La guerra que nunca existió’ es el título del ciclo que se compone de conferencias, book launches, films and documentaries as roundtables which opens today in the provincial library Infanta Elena in Sevilla authors Alfonso Sunday, Eva Diaz Perez, Andres Perez Dominguez and Angel del Rio.


The scheduling of the Centro Andaluz de las Letras also host the commemoration of anniversaries or holding literary personalities of Andalusia or related to Andalusia. In this context, the figure of the Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano, linked to Andalusia and especially to Cadiz, where he was involved from the old Iberoamerican Theater Festival, will pay tribute during the event in October. Other memories, highlight the centenary of the philosopher Adolfo Sanchez Vazquez in his hometown, Algeciras, and in his first adopted city, Malaga, long before exile in Mexico, o a Manuel Perez Casaux, Exception playwright who died without sufficient public recognition and his life and work are commemorated the day 24 September in Cadiz.


The CAL is celebrating the centenary of the death of Giner with an exhibition entitled "An Andalusian fire", now he will visit Ronda, with an illustrative lecture on his vast pedagogical legacy. In the same way, Sevilla host, in collaboration with the City Council and the Centre for Cultural Initiatives of the University of Seville (Kitty), Memorial exhibition Jaime Gil de Biedma when twenty-fifth anniversary of his death.

Other exhibitions as the dedicated will also be developed to author year, Pilar Paz Pasamar, which it is currently on display at Almeria but still roaming around Seville, Jaén, Granada and Cordoba; 'Visual poetry' about poet Rafael de Cózar Algeciras and Jerez de la Frontera; "White Queen of our poetry" about the life and work of Maria Victoria Atencio; "An infinite fencing" dedicated to José Moreno Villa or 'Notified of a shortage' of Gines Liebana Malaga.

Circuits literary municipalities

After the summer break, CAL continues the literary cycle 'Capital Letters', to schedule 72 activities, between September and December, in the 8 provincial capitals and towns of Cadiz in Algeciras, Jerez de la Frontera and Sanlucar de Barrameda. The objective of this program is to persuade readers Andalusian contemporary literature through presentations of the latest developments and the participation of the most representative authors, both Andalusian and nationally.

Journalists Juan Cruz and Manuel Rivas, the poet Chantal Maillard, José Ovejero, Alfaguara Novel Prize, Manuel Vilas, Cuban writer Abilio Estévez, writers Rosa Regas, Marina Mayoral and Almudena Grande, Andalusia or the Prize of the Critics, Gutierrez Salvador Solis, are some of the authors who will star these acts months 'Capital Letters'. The organization of this program, the CAL launched in 2009, is a collaboration between publishers, the writers and the readers themselves

More than 10 years of experience, Ronda Andalusian Book about current authors Andalusian municipalities, in order to give readers know his work and that of our classics, through public readings. From September to December are planned 159 readings, to be held in 159 municipalities in the Autonomous Community.

On the other hand, with the aim of promoting and disseminating books, authors and illustrators of children / young people's literature among young, Letters Lowercase-the Youth program organized 173 activities between meetings with author, storytelling sessions and workshops with specialists in children's literature 173 locations.

The CAL performs continuously from 2001 a task of promoting reading through various programs and activities among which is the Andalusian Network Reading Club. Currently they belong to the network around 430 reading groups in Andalusia over 300 locations. The program mobilizes for reading almost 1.500 lots of books about 20 copies each. During the last quarter of 2015 these clubs planning to do around 500 activities, which will mobilize a 15.000 books. Years, CAL complete these activities with some provincial meetings of book clubs in the 8 provinces. From October meetings were held with Antonio Soler and Malaga Rosa Regas Cadiz.

"It is said that language is the deep country Writers. Hence actively we collaborate with book clubs in Italian, French or Arabic also. And to commemorate, as in previous years, the World Translation Day, next day 30 September, but we want to go further, as a major transverse lines programming CAL ", Antonio Lucas stressed.

The film will also be one of the main instruments with which the Andalusian Centre for Literature aims to bring the word to the image and vice versa. So, We will approach the memory of Pier Paolo Pasolini and Clint Eastwood, from two books written respectively by Jose Maria Garcia Lopez or Luis Garcia Gil. Cycles as Literature and Film the Film and Philosophy, will complete a program in which highlight the screening of "Young Sánchez", Mario Camus film, whose screenplay was written by Manuel Alcantara around the work of Ignacio Aldecoa and will be part of the series'Literature and boxing’, where we will have the memory of Enrique Benitez informative.

Partnerships with civil society

The general director of Cultural Innovation and the Book noted that "one of our main lines of work is through collaboration with civil society, as foundations to those normally we support, or the Andalusian network ateneos, with which we participated for example in the series "Poetry in the Garden", of Granada, or in the presence of Angels Case for the opening of the course of the Ateneo de Malaga the next day 23 of September".

In the same way, CAL keep the lines of work with the Andalusian Federation of Booksellers, with whom we commemorate World Book Day, Critics literary critics of the South or the Association Schoolboy of Writers, while various initiatives such as festivals "Andalusian Chilango" will support, which is ten years in Seville, "Perfopoesía" in the same city; the cultural association "La zawiya", La Zubia, in Granada; "Word and Iberian", in Huelva, Malaga or association "19 envelopes of soup", which will stage the "Indian Newspapers" Chantal Maillard.