‘Carmenes’, instrument that will seek Earth-like planets, begins its assembly in Calar Alto.


The Spanish-German Calar Alto Observatory (CAHA), en Gérgal (Almería), He has launched this week the assembly and testing of the instrument 'Carmenes', unique in the world and with which you can observe the sky “in the visible and infrared, in search of Earth-like planets”. This was stated by the deputy head of CAHA, Jesus Aceituno, who has stated that it has proceeded to install the front of the instrument, “connecting it with the telescope, collects the light and feeds it into the fibers”.

The planets, to revolve around its star, it produce light oscillatory movements that, when measured with adequate precision, They reveal the existence of these planets although we can not see directly. So Carmenes seek Earth-like planets.

From the observatory they have explained that it is not only the first instrument that Spain proposed to be installed at the Calar Alto Observatory, but also is a unique instrument in the world, in both accuracy and stability, essential qualities for measuring small variations in speed that a planet produces in the stars.