Carlos Perez Siquier donated to the Museo Casa Ibanez seven photographs of the series' The Journey’


Four years after their first donation of works to the Museum House Ibáñez, Photographer Carlos Perez again Siquier (Almería, 1930) He has chosen cultural institution olulense to deposit in it seven of the photographs from the series "The Journey". New works that come to join the important photographic collection the museum preserves, and in which particular note is the collection of works by the artist Almeria, more than a hundred images in black and white and color, the custodial institution.

Color photographs of large format (155×236 cm. each), the now donated at the time were part of the exhibition "The Look" in 2005 would produce the Ministry of Culture after the grant Perez Siquier the National Photography Prize 2003. High image quality and absolute modernity, these were then positivadas on canvas mounted on aluminum frame by the laboratory in Madrid Dinasa, traditional methods of work.

Series that was exposed, among other places and outside of that exhibition organized by the Ministry of Culture, in Santa Justa Station in Seville (2003) and in the gardens of the Atocha station in Madrid (2004), Pérez point out about these photographs Siquier in 2002 "they are like a window through which mental landscapes are a traveler".

On the same point out Martin Robles, in the book "Perez essential Siquier" (2014), who are these "some images, all captured with a small format camera without flash, in order that not portrayed percatasen of the photographer, where they would visually summarized the experiences -as an ephemeral ensoñaciones- by rail. Artless photographs, Perez Siquier faithful to the principles that underlie their perception of reality and Photography, whose uniqueness respond, as the artist himself confessed to Miguel Angel Blanco, "The movement of the train, a la fugacidad»”.

To mark the donation of these seven works, which adds to the 134 already yield to the gallery in 2011 those responsible for the museum based in Olula del Rio have decided that they are exposed to year end in the room dedicated Museo Casa Ibanez permanently, since opening in 2005, the photographic work of Carlos Perez Siquier. Almeria institution artist who has devoted the past year special attention through various exhibitions, they could be visited in Melilla, Olula River, Huercal-Overa, Almeria and Roquetas de Mar, and publication, in collaboration with the Institute of Almería Studies HE. Deputation, monograph "Perez Siquier essential '.