Cantoria revokes permit installation of a circus with animals

the Mayoress, Puri Sánchez.

Cantoria City Council has revoked the permit installation of a circus that had requested to perform several functions in the town taking advantage of passing through other villages in the Valle del Almanzora. A collection of signatures undertaken by the youth group of the town, Contrary to the implication of "live animals, taken from their natural habitat and economic order ", Is the reason. The reaction of young people has caused while the government team of the mayor Puri Sánchez start the drafting of an ordinance that prohibited these shows will henceforth.

Cantoria youth mobilization, the first to be produced in its history, He has gathered more than 300 firms with the sole purpose of avoiding the installation of a circus in less than forty-eight hours, which is nothing less than to contact directly with ten percent of the population. Age organizers mobilization, all under 16 years old, He has been forced to take a number of additional measures for the protection of data collected so absolutely spontaneous. "I am proud of the young men, because they have demonstrated organizational skills and immediacy honestly did not know. It should be borne in mind that the circus in question has all its papers in order, but if kids who are its main customers in the village do not want, Obviously we can not go on. We can only apologize to the people of the circus, but also with the kids themselves for not having articulated before a model of participation, a forum that allows them to expose concerns like these in order to participate in the construction of Cantoria they want. And that we will also arrange, because the Data Protection Act is for all, You have to explain how things should be done, but especially encourage them to never stop them ", Puri says Sánchez, mayor of the town.

Youth Initiative ends the presence of circuses which use animals outside their habitat, regardless of who have relevant administrative authorizations. "It's something that has already happened in many cities and towns in Spain and as mayor only people left for me to do what I ask, and although this part of town have not yet come of age, does not mean you do not have to listen to them. Quite the opposite ", stresses the first mayor.

In line with this "crisis", Cantoria City Council will draft a city ordinance in this regard and will articulate a model of youth participation channeling establish procedures that conform to the customs of the youngest people, without conflicting with laws and data protection.