Cantoria reduction tax structures to a 50% to reactivate the first residence

Image plenary session in Cantoria.

Image plenary session in Cantoria.

City Council Cantoria, absolute majority governed by the PSOE, It approved at a plenary session of urgency tax rebate constructions, installations and works up 50% the rate for cases of public utility or a 40% for primary residences promoted for children 40 years old. The urgency of full was supported only by the votes of the socialist municipal group, while the PP voted against his only three votes but could not stop the session.

"Cantoria can not afford objectives and meet the people who work in industries around us if we can not count on public services at the level of those circumstances, let alone if we are not able to have a sufficient housing to assume both domestic demand, that exists, as it can provide the specific weight of Cantoria in the industrial fabric of the region. During the first year of the legislature we are dedicated to mend the damage of earlier times, and in this last stretch we have implemented enough works to start upgrading the physiognomy of the people. Now it was time to generate the conditions needed to convince everyone that Cantoria is an exceptional place to live and where a family can have a quality of life that is not easy to find elsewhere ", says the mayor, Puri Sánchez.

So, and after the public exhibition period relevant, rebates on ICIO or tax on any work in a municipality, Cantoria will cut one 25% for buildings that are classified as social housing; a 40% for which are intended for residence for those under 40 years old; a 50% for which they are declared of special interest or public utility for attending social circumstances; a 50% for declared of special interest or municipal utility whose destination is the rehabilitation of the Artistic and Cultural Heritage of Cantoria and 45 % for construction or actions that promote employment in the municipality. De otro lado, the tax rate is still hovering in the 4% for works that do not require project and a 24% for works that require.

At the same plenary session it has been definitively approved the special plan of degraded areas, renewal of urbanization, reform and actions of interest in the municipality, together with reductions in the ICIO Cantoria put on the line for sustainable construction, regulated and subsidized by the council itself that is so not only to provide new services to the municipality, but encourage the construction of housing for young people to prevent leakage of these to other nearby destinations.