Cantoría produce up to 70% energy consuming CEIP City Hall and Urbina Carrera

Panoramic Cantoria.

Panoramic Cantoria.

Cantoria City Council in the coming weeks will launch an ambitious plan for energy consumption by installing solar panels at City Hall and at the College of Education and Primary Urbina Carrera. Unlike traditional uses of hot water generation, this time will go to produce electricity with which self-supply the needs of these properties, providing a savings of up to 70% it will not come from the conventional network but their own clean energy equipment.

The investment stands at the edge of the 60.000 euros and a grant has already granted by the Ministry of Employment, Business and Commerce collection on incentives to sustainable construction which co-finances the European Union.

The teams consist of installing solar panels in the case of the Town Hall will produce energy with which computers will feed, air conditioning and lighting etc., and always with the premise that they will be able to generate almost three quarters of the current consumption needs. The second installation point and have the same end will be one of the schools in the locality. Similarly the system generating clean energy will be connected to the general network serving facilities. In this sense, the socialist mayor of the town, Puri Sánchez, It notes that "is not only significant savings generated for municipal coffers in terms of electricity consumption bill, but it was very important for us to carry out the action in a school for our youth today begin to understand and become partakers of the importance of using clean energy, autoconsumo opportunities that technology provides us and, above all, They serve as an incentive for future planning, since these solutions come from the work developed by researchers and engineers involved in R & D processes similar to those others that they themselves can participate in the very near future ".

The two grants will involve a total amount of 44.833,78 euros, and the rest will be borne by the council itself. Coordination of the work borne by the councilman Ramon Lopez as delegate of the areas of Public Works, Housing and Infrastructure.