Cantoria puts the Technical Monitoring Committee Viogen up

The mayor of Cantoria, Puri Sánchez, has promoted the implementation of the Technical Monitoring Committee Viogen system from now ensure the correct implementation of preventive measures, monitoring and protection of victims of domestic violence in the municipality. The working group will be chaired by Councilwoman Loly Fernández Cruz and will be attended by agents of the local police Cantorian, Civil Guard Albox and a representative from the Prefectures of Almería.

Cruz has shown that "it was very clear that the implementation of this working group was to be among the measures to be taken within the first hundred days of the new administration. So we promised and so we have done, because we have the absolute certainty that a joint work, well coordinated and being aware of the importance of what we are talking, we can eradicate this violence against women has become the largest tara of a society as advanced as ours ".

The commission will have at least an annual meeting, but demand for them few meetings may be convened components are necessary for the proper management of cases that will be followed up in the city, and the battery of measures already prepared and has a preventive nature. In this respect the Commission will evaluate the actions that are intended to carry out among the younger population of the town, to be from the training and the schools themselves where the work of social rejection and collective collaboration is initiated to eradicate gender violence.

On a more practical level, also this commission that will supervise the progress of the protection systems as ATENPRO, a mobile phone device that allows users to contact at any time with teleatendido center by qualified personnel. This device, also, with a geolocation service that serves as protection, It may be requested at Social Services for those women who suffer gender violence. In Almería, at the end 2018, there was 140 women using this service, a 7,6% más que el año anterior.

Moreover, They are called proximity detection devices (bracelets), which can only be agreed by court order in cases of domestic violence to control the removal of the aggressor to his victim. In Almería, as of December 2018, there was 92 protected women with this device, a 24,3% más que el año anterior (74 en total). Only two provinces, Madrid (with 228 implanted devices) and Valencia (97), have more detection mechanisms proximity Almeria.

With preventative measures and follow-up, working groups as established in Cantoria seek to address one of the problems that most social alarm has generated in recent years. Since 2003, 34 women have been murdered by their partners or former partners in Almería. This terrible thing, we must add that two children have been killed since 2013 as a means to exercise violence against their mothers. It was that year when the children were included as well as victims of male violence. Since then, five children orphaned in this province.