Cantoria shape their youth to provide adequate responses in conflict situations




Cantoria Town Council hosted a workshop Youth Code provided by the provincial leadership of the Andalusian Institute of Youth in order to promote healthy lifestyles. These are courses in which it is intended that participants acquire the skills needed to act in conflict situations that may arise in their respective environments.

Entitled "Creative Connections: and dynamic techniques to train our creativity ", professionals from different sectors help young people to decide on the choice of appropriate responses, healthy, with a training method which gives the young an active and central role, offering tools to help them address the various problems with those found today. "In this case these courses or workshops elect themselves. We told them the possibilities that other administrations put at our disposal and they themselves selected thematic. For creative connections I can say that the election was almost unanimous ", said the Councilor for Youth, Loli Cruz.

The municipality has a comprehensive program for the youngest of the town, from traditional sports activities, as the case of football schools, other cultural type that gradually become an almost obligatory appointment during the course. "We have a very active young population, and a sample of this is theater workshops developed by the guys with the help of their teachers. Bilingual representations in which the British population means are another example of the level of participation. So we only the City Council can consider them the rewards that are within our reach ", says the socialist mayor of Cantoria, Puri Sánchez.

Within these 'rewards' that mentions the first mayor, for this exercise has also been carried out on a new journey of coexistence as the one carried out last year, with a program of adventure sports in the Sierra de Cazorla. This time the destination was Cortes de La Frontera, in full Serrania de Ronda Malaga.