Cantoria help your irrigators with direct subsidies improvement projects

Roque Sevilla, Councilor for the Environment and Agriculture.

Roque Sevilla, Councilor for the Environment and Agriculture.

The mayor of Cantoria, Puri Sánchez Aránega, He has released a proclamation by which opens the deadline to apply for aid for improvement of irrigation in the historic capital of Valle del Almanzora. This is the first time that the municipality is involved directly with farmers in optimizing facilities, with grants for works that are aimed to better use of resources, avoiding losses by the poor state of some particular infrastructure.

The plan helps communities of irrigators and payments of Cantoria is one of the points committed by the current government at the beginning of the legislature and allow the settlement of irrigation ditches, sources, pipe laying for improving pipelines and other actions that farmers are demanding for years and until now had not been addressed by the City.

From the publication of the Bando, dated 23 May, those responsible for communities and payments may submit their action projects, thus completing the phase of preliminary proceedings that the council has carried out "motu proprio" to alleviate the effects of torrential rains this year. "Fixed general damage now is the time to address the needs of each community, because many of them small or medium irrigation ditches arrangements, repairs to walls or wells, You can make better use will be, also, the perfect excuse to qualify for major projects that benefit equally to all communities of irrigators and payments ", says Roque Sevilla, Councilman areas Agriculture, Environment, Services, Urban and Hunting.

For the socialist government team opening process requests for aid represents "a milestone, because never before he had provided direct assistance to farmers in this regard, helping them economically and thus. It is a Herculean effort considering the situation no liquidity with which we are in the City, but we got that commitment to the municipal government and is now when we could accomplish ", Sanchez says Puri, also, It anticipates that this will not be the only measure that the government intends to implement for the improvement and optimization of irrigation in Cantoria.