Field work on '100 years of railway in the Almanzora'.

The project presented by the City of Zurgena on '100 years of railway in the Almanzora’ has been chosen as one of the three areas of work to be developed in the province of Almería this summer.

This activity will attract visiting 25 Youth to the town of Zurgena, is part of the future construction of a railway museum in the historic station Renfe. Thereby, participants will learn the history of the train as it passes through the town and the Valley to work in the recovery and enhancement of the cultural and historical heritage.

Field components selected work by the Andalusian participate in the development of a museum project that will study "what they have" visitors and other project, character of this museum, where they decide "how are you going to tell". The workplace itself shall Renfe station, located in La Alfoquía.

Date and registration
From 21 July to 4 August youth enrolled in field work in the evenings enjoy Zurgena further proposals as hiking trails, trips to the beach and mineral deposits of the Almanzora basin and sports activities. The morning will be dedicated to the development of the main project, for a methodology that enhances apply imagination, creation and discussion to finally reach a consensus conclusion. For the latter purpose, the field will be led by experienced professionals in the field of museology and Fine Arts.

The registration period will be open to young people across the country from next Thursday, 22 May. Applications may be submitted through the website of the 'Young Patio’ Andalusian Youth Institute: / institutodelajuventud / patiojoven / home
The number of places in 19 Andalusian countryside is 456, which 239 Youth will Andalusian or who reside in Andalusia, 161 be made available to other regions and 56 have been offered to young people from other countries. / institutodelajuventud / patiojoven / home