Calar Alto enhance its co-financing instruments FEDER

CARMENES team program.

CARMENES team program.

Astronomical Center at Calar Alto (CAHA) It aims to management, maintenance, operation and scientific exploitation of the Calar Alto observatory and made available to the international astronomical community, and provide the capacity and infrastructure necessary for astronomical observation programs can be performed and develop innovative concepts instrumentation. Now, CAHA faces improved instrumentation to remain at the forefront of astronomical observation.

performances, to be implemented with the help of ERDF co-financing, They are aimed at improving CAFE instruments and CARMENES, and the development of the Energy Island, what are you looking for “position the Calar Alto observatory again as landmark, in this case as technological center environmentally conscious, so that a very high percentage of the energy resources they need our facilities come from renewable energy sources. This can serve as a pilot for other similar observatories”, Jesus says Aceituno, director of the observatory.

The total project budget is 1.129.098 euros, the 80% of which are co-financed with funds from the European Regional Development Fund (FEATHER) Operational Program for the Smart Growth 2014-2020, assigned to the General Secretariat of Science and Innovation, and to finance projects and activities related to infrastructure included in the Map of Scientific and Technical Infrastructure (ICTS) valid. These actions serve to ensure and strengthen the competitiveness of Calar Alto observatory as one of the reference in the development of Spanish astronomy.

The Astronomical Observatory of Calar Alto is one of the infrastructures belonging to the National Map of Scientific and Technical Infrastructures Singulares (ICTS), approved 7 October 2014 by the Council of Science Policy, Technology and Innovation.