Drops largest distribution network of hunting gear prohibited in Andalusia

Delegate and security and environment forces.

Delegate and security and environment forces.
Delegate and security and environment forces.

Agents of Environment of the Junta de Andalucia and the Police Unit attached to the Andalusian have been seized along 2015 and during the first two months of 2016 total 392 Japanese networks, Prohibited hunting gear of the invisible type that has either been used for the illegal capture of birds or for commercialization in establishments dedicated to the trade of agricultural and livestock products.

In operation, the largest on this matter, Eight establishments have been denounced for the commercialization of these prohibited arts and a total of 12 people have been denounced, in addition to a person brought to justice as a non-detained investigated and a crowded investigator for an alleged crime related to the Protection of Flora, Fauna and Domestic Animals.

In the different actions a trap cage has also been seized and rescued 25 birds among common sparrows, redstarts, furtherones, or European goldfinches.

This was indicated this Tuesday at a press conference by the territorial delegate for the Environment and Territorial Planning of the Junta de Andalucía, Antonio Martinez, accompanied by the head of the Police Unit attached to the Board, Francisco Llinares, who have shown all the effects intervened during this period.

The actions have taken place in different parts of the capital Almería and in shops in the municipalities of Adra, El Ejido and Vera. In practically all of these actions it was found that there was no hunting authorization (pajaril) and federative card.

Similarly, action has been taken to hunt outside the business period or to hunt outside the authorized places or places; for using unauthorized folding network (without stamp); attract birds through artificial feeders and waterers; and for marketing these prohibited hunting gear and owning birds without documentary and sanitary requirements, as well as hinder the inspection work of the agents.