British donate 1.000 Euro charities to improve schools in Zurgena

Ceremony of donation.
Ceremony of donation.

The British community settled in the town of Zurgena is characterized, among other things, for their great solidarity and social commitment. Proof of this are the 1.000 euros this week have given Gary Bowen and Peter Dell the City of Zurgena, with which improvements will be made in schools in the municipality: CEIP Juan Andrés Toledo and the college of La Alfoquía.

The amount has been delivered to the City of Zurgena, where the mayor thanked "the infinite generosity with which the British community helps our town to continue growing, relying on resources beyond the initially planned in our budgets ", He explained the Mayor, Luis Diaz.

With this sum, are more than 5.000 Gary Bowen euros and Peter Dell donated to schools in the locality zurgenera. The money raised has its origins in the music festivals both, Regents Bar La Union Zurgena organized in the rehabilitated station Renfe. To contribute to the growth of the municipality and to improve their educational infrastructure, British-born residents invite renowned musicians arriving from Britain and other parts of the Spanish geography as Benidorm to act in Zurgena. All proceeds from these events will go entirely to the cause announced, in this case zurgeneros improving schools.

The mayor has zurgenero advance that the Consistory "facilitate and collaborate with the organization of this kind of charity events to the extent of our possibilities, also helping the integration of large British community that lived in the municipality ", Diaz noted.