Begoña Moreno wins the XVIII International Poetry Competition 'Martín García Ramos'

Urracal naturally

The winner of the XVIII International Poetry Competition 'Martín García Ramos' of 2019, He has been Begoña Moreno wheel 27 years residing in Jaén (Spain).

The prize is 6.000 € in cash and publication of winning poems.

This event is the most important for young people under 30 years in Spanish-speaking countries, hence the importance and consolidation each year is having this festival albojense.

This year's winner of the poetry collection will be presented 2018 Luis Antonio Franco Gonzalez.


Begoña M. Rueda was born in Jaen 1992 and a child develops a deep literary vocation.

In 2015 It is awarded the first prize in poetry form the Faculty award from the University of Jaen with the poetry collection The Bard Song.

In 2016 Ucopoética was a finalist in the poetry prize winner and results II Young Poetry Prize Antonio Colinas, Island organized by Siltolá. With this editorial published, same year, Princess Leia winner poemario.

In 2017 It is awarded the First Prize Luis Cernuda of the Faculty of Philology at the University of Sevilla. In the same year he published the collection of poems winner Siberia is a state of mind.

In 2018 It wins the first prize for poetry at the Complutense University of Madrid, the resulting winning collection of poems called Reincarnation, which will be published by Editions Complutenses in spring 2019. Also he wins again the first prize Faculty of the University of Jaen with poemario Playlist, and in turn the second prize of the same with the poems Damascus.

He currently combines his poetic work with the studies of Hispanic Philology at the University of Jaén.