'Baria, Phoenician and Roman city ', an exhibition of more than 400 pieces that tell fourteen centuries of Almería

Exhibition poster.

Almería Museum today hosts the exhibition 'Gods, tombs and people. Baria, Phoenician and Roman city ', an exhibition organized by the Ministry of Culture, collaboration with Michelin and the city of Cuevas de Almanzora, you want to move the results of more than a century of research on the city of Baria now it lies beneath the town of Villaricos.

Above 400 pieces from the museum's holdings of Almeria and the National Archaeological Museum chronicling the fourteen centuries in the history of the city, since it was founded by the Phoenicians to the A.C. VII century until its complete abandonment in the late seventh or early eighth century, coinciding with the beginning of the period andalusí. The exhibition shows the relationships that the Phoenicians had with Greek colonizers, Iberians and Romans over such a long history.

The argument focuses the sample is thematic aspects of the Phoenician society and its manifestation in the city of Baria, as living conditions, work or religion, which provide attractive picture of a completely exotic culture in peninsular soil.

The exhibition, which will run until 8 July 2018, It is divided into seven thematic areas: Introduction: history of research in Baria and the origins of the Phoenician presence in the depression of Vera. The territory, the resources, autochthonous peopling; Life: the House, attire, personal and household items; Trade: agricultural production, livestock, salted fish, mining and metallurgy; Greeks and Iberians: other sites like El Chucho; The gods: Phoenician religion in Baria: divinities and sanctuaries; Friends and enemies: external relations through trade amphoric. Relations with the Iberians. Baria conquering excisional; and Death: the necropolis of Baria. Rituals and burial practices.

scientific program, cultural and educational action

During the opening of the exhibition it provides an extensive program of cultural action associated with it, in collaboration with the University of Almería and Luis Siret Association of Friends of the Museum of Almería. Among others, It has designed a comprehensive educational program on the Phoenician and Roman world for all ages: workshops, visits, recreations, since December; It has organized a series of lectures "Baria and his time", from 20 December.

Also, It has design teaching material, for both the teacher and the students to, as a resource to support the visit now available; They have organized a series of routes and thematic visits the Phoenician world that will be held in January 2018 one Saturday a month. It is also envisaged holding a course for teachers with Phoenician and Roman Baria as the core of the training day in February 2018; the catalog of the exhibition will be presented in March; and a scientific colloquium will be held Baria in relation to its territory and research on Southeast during the months of May and June.