Helped a child wandering disoriented and afraid after leaving the fire on a farm.

General Huercal Overa

Near the Guardia Civil also involved in acting members of the Local Police and Civil Protection of the town, as well as more than fifty neighbors.

About 21.00 pm yesterday, Guardia Civil agents Main Post Huercal Overa (Almería), to assist a smaller 10 age, to locating wandering alone and disoriented, after leaving a warehouse where a fire starts, about 4 miles from the scene.

On 17'45 hours yesterday, operators Central Operational Services (C. The. S. – 062) Command of the Guardia Civil in Almería, receive notice of a fire at a farm located in the hamlet Huercal Overa Los Menas- (Almería), immediately alerting service patrols.

Once in place, Civil Guard finds that it is an old farm raising chickens, observed as in the vicinity of the same group of people is, who report to agents at the time of the fire occur, inside were several minors, which have not so far been found.

After getting extinguishers, Firefighters Park Turre (Almería), confirm the agents inside the ship is not a person, although it is located one of the lowest in the vicinity of his home, who confirmed that there were two children who were in place when the fire started, but both left the place hurriedly in different directions.

So things, and before nightfall, Civil Guard coordinated a search with all the people that are in place, to scour the area in order to locate the second lowest, work begins to unravel at nightfall.

It is approximately two hours, when neighbors involved in the operating, locate the minor road wandering the area known as Los Carasoles, within the municipality of Zurgena (Almería), disoriented and dazed.

Once reassured the child, first accompanying to his home to finally move to the Hospital of the Immaculate Huercal Overa, where he was recognized and treated by medical services.

In the search appliance set by the Civil Guard participated several provisions of the Civil Guard, Local Police and Civil Protection of the town of Huercal Overa, as well as more than fifty locals.