Authorized a transfer of water 4,5 hectometres from the reservoir Negratín to Cuevas de Almanzora

The Committee on Technical Management transfer water from the reservoir Negratín to Cuevas de Almanzora, meeting today in Madrid, It has unanimously agreed to initiate a transfer water 4,5 hectometres per month (hm3 / my) the Andalusian Mediterranean basins.

The transference, which will resume at twelve o'clock tomorrow, Saturday, shall comply with the conditions laid down in the Act 55/1999, of 29 December, namely, You may only transfer the stored volume exceeding 210 hm3, and as long as the volume stored in the system exceeds the general regulation 30% said capacity control system.

To ensure compliance with the law, a comprehensive resource tracking dammed by the dam Negratín much as in the general regulation system will Guadalquivir, as well as the volumes transferred.

The Commission has agreed, also, book up 2 hm3 volume to transfer to supply this year.

The Committee on Technical Management Transfer, which was chaired by the Director General of Water, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment, Liana Ardiles, It will meet immediately after the Commission Desembalse of the Guadalquivir River Basin Authority be held, in order to take the necessary decisions, based on the circumstances that happen at that time.

The Commission, whose creation was authorized by Order AAA / 2454/2012, of 8 November, He has been informed of the charges, according to the article 114 the revised text of the Water Law, They must pay the Guadalquivir River Basin Authority for the availability of such water resources.