local and provincial authorities, the concentration of Cuevas del Almanzora against gender violence

Picture of concentration held at City Hall.

Picture of concentration held at City Hall.

Cuevas del Almanzora has joined this morning to condemn gender violence at a concentration at the gates of the consistory in which citizens expressed outrage at the serious incident that took place yesterday in the town, and that left another victim of gender violence.

local and provincial authorities have joined the cuevana citizens to show their rejection of such events with a minute of silence.

As he expressed by Mayor Antonio Fernández Liria, "City Council shows its firm rejection and misunderstanding of the facts and transmits its support for the family of the victim and his immediate environment. Thus, Consistory, in its commitment to achieve a free people of chauvinistic attacks, more just and equal, It urges all citizens to not be complicit in any form of aggression and to maintain an attitude of zero tolerance ".

The mayor also recalled that "the city has a network of specialized services for women victims of this situation that guarantees their right to information, assistance, protection and full recovery ".