AUAN appears in the Andalusian Parliament and supports the reform of the LOUA


Last 1 December, There appeared AUAN president Maura Hillen, lawyer and spokesman Gerardo Vazquez before the commission of environment and spatial planning of the Andalusian Parliament. AUAN had been named as one of the social agents that were asked their views on the law that is being processed, LOUA reform, to give in part, an outlet for some of the thousands of irregular houses that populate the Andalusian region.

AUAN stressed its strong support for reform. They think it is not a panacea nor solve all problems, but it will mean a major breakthrough and a great peace for thousands of Andalusian families, sean estas españolas o extranjeras.

They nestled against voices in the past that seem to want to refuse any solution to the problem of illegal housing, the owners ask if not compassion, at least sensibly. Says Maura Hillen, AUAN president "Some people have been living 10 years without adequate electricity or water. Like most they bought for their retirement, now hovering half a 75 age, if they live, Many are the victims in these conditions. If these problems are not resolved once and for all, I fear there will be many names to add to this grim list. "

Maura Hillen asked whether the reform will solve this problem, He says "because many houses will benefit, but it is true that not all. And before it, We have called for reform as a basic question of humanity to try to ensure that more people can benefit from it expands. As our lawyer Gerardo Vazquez said in the Andalusian Parliament, we think it is not acceptable that in the XXI century, in a state of law advanced, there are people who have to live in these conditions. "

Gerardo Vazquez asked what he thinks of voices totally reject this amnesty for the alleged interest of environmental protection, He says "everyone is entitled to live in a suitable environment, and it is of general interest, notwithstanding the general interest it can not cover a violation of basic human rights of people to adequate housing, their property and enjoy your home. All these rights must be placed on a balance and the right to an adequate environment can not render meaningless other fundamental rights. To prevent abuse of power, what is alleged general interest should stop where they begin human rights of people. "

At the hearing before the Andalusian Parliament, AUAN parliamentarians showed a series of photographs for them to see the faces of those affected and the consequences of demolitions claiming nothing helped restore the environment by debris left behind, including pools, garages, foundations, etc., highlighting the presence of Mr.. Prior between these photos. As you recall, Mr.. Prior wear 8 years living in your garage, chances that the right was not demolished, although it was your home, despite being authorized, title deeds and housing being registered in the Land Registry. Since her home was demolished carry clamoring consistent justice in at least adequate compensation, as electricity and water call for some of those affected.