ASPRODALBA inaugurates a residence and a cultural and educational center for adults with intellectual disabilities

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The Association for the Promotion of Persons with Intellectual Disability of Almeria ASPRODALBA opened yesterday a new residence and a cultural and educational center for adults with intellectual disabilities, in a rally which was attended by more than 200 people. The ceremony was presided over by the president of ASPRODALBA Francisco Alonso Martinez and his Technical Director, Ignacio Martín Square with the mayor of Vera, Felix Lopez and participation of entities that have helped fund the project: José María Segovia Foundation Eleven, Timothy Branch Obra Social La Caixa and Unicaja Foundation Rafael Muñoz.

Both infrastructures have been developed thanks to the sale of municipal plots and cooperation agreement signed with the City of Vera to finance part of the project expenditure, In addition to funding obtained by other institutions such as Unicaja Foundation, Obra Social La Caixa Foundation and Eleven.

With these homes in the community and the educational and entertainment center located in the center of the town, The association shall have an infrastructure for these people and prevent their uprooting, since many of these people their families, if economic situation and elderly, they can not offer them the care they need.
Francisco Alonso as highlighted during the presentation, "These infrastructure represent a very important step for us, since they allow to respond to the demand of the population with a fully equipped facilities and tailored to the needs of this group in an environment that fully clothed and feel familiar, avoiding the uprooting of people with intellectual disabilities who are in many cases by family, that their economic situation and their advanced age, they can not provide them daily care they need ".

The association president continued his speech with an emotional speech reviewing "the path taken by more than ASPRODALBA ago 40 years old, in order to fight for the rights, social inclusion and quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities ". Similarly he appealed reminding attendees that "we must believe in people with disabilities, and put focus on what really matters, in the person, and values ​​such as honesty, the goodness, the Solidarity". Alonso closed his speaking time stating that "these homes and this new training center and leisure a period of hope opens, First is where happiness and dignity.

For his part, Mayor Vera, Felix Lopez stressed that "these facilities are a benchmark in the region of the Levant since previously did not exist in the infrastructure of these characteristics. The Consistory we have always supported initiatives that promote integration and quality of life, and the autonomy of people with special needs ".

ASPRODALBA work extends to more than twenty municipalities in the region of Almeria, It is one of the larger entity Partnerships, prestige and social recognition of the province of Almería and Andalusia. The association is composed of more than twenty workers, Currently serving more than a hundred people with intellectual disabilities and about two hundred families.
Having its headquarters in Vera, provides advisory services, counseling and support for people with intellectual disabilities and their families around the lift almeriense. It provides specialized care, comprehensive and personalized, maximizing the skills and abilities of people, promoting standardization and integration and defending their dignity and rights as citizens.