meeting in Cuevas del Almanzora.
meeting in Cuevas del Almanzora.

Trade associations Levante, North and Almanzora know the lines of support of the Board to trade.

The territorial delegate of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, Miguel Angel Lopez Tortosa, today held a working meeting with representatives of business associations of the regions of Levante and Almeria Almanzora to get to know their needs, encourage them to establish collaborative networks and inform them about the various support measures for the commercial sector is launching the Andalusian.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Federation of Trade Asempal and trade associations Albox, Cuevas del Almanzora, Huercal-Overa, Velez, And Vera Pulpí, who Tortosa Lopez explained that the Ministry of Employment, Business and Trade, which currently has the powers in trade matters, It is developing a program to promote the modernization of this sector and to boost open shopping centers which provides various incentives, with a budget of 7 million.

Tortosa Lopez noted that trade has an important weight in the provincial employment, with 41.000 affiliated workers and workers in this sector, figure reaches half a million in Andalusia, Count trade accounts for more than 12% Regional Gross Value Added.

Also, the territorial delegate informed the representatives of the associations that the Board has already convened the first of a series of lines equipped aid 7 million euros in total and aimed to stimulate and create open shopping centers, support the modernization and renovation of commercial SMEs, promote the modernization of street trade and promote crafts.

So, in September aids were called to the crafts sector, with a budget of 914.000 euros, intended for artisans and associations and now in the process of resolution; and to 25 October municipalities can apply incentives for modernization of street trading, a gifted line with 600.000 euros to improve the physical spaces where -around Markets are held 100 with 7.000 stalls in the province of Almería-, take action to promote and create bodies engagement with consumers and traders and conflict resolution.

Moreover, Tortosa Lopez has encouraged trade associations to strengthen and build shopping centers open, "A very interesting formula to modernize and revitalize traditional commercial spaces that favors the conservation of urban spaces, facilitating secure the population in our municipalities and preserving against social and urban deterioration, besides being a key element to improve the competitiveness of SMEs business located in these spaces ".

The Andalusian intends to convene an order of support to boost the activity of trade associations, strengthening existing and promoting the establishment of new, measures to promote urban commerce. The beneficiary organizations of this aid will be both associations, federations and confederations of retailers promoting open malls recognized or proposed, as promoters of these centers, as well as municipalities that have at least a recognized open mall or project.

Miguel Angel Tortosa has also advanced to the trade associations gathered today that the modernization of commercial SMEs will be encouraged to allow businesses to definitely join the digital world and reactivate the productive fabric of small and medium business, increasing their competitiveness and business dimension. So, renovation projects incorporating ICT will be supported to improve management and Internet presence, digital marketing and e-commerce, plus upgrade projects, diversification and expansion of businesses (expansion and reforms, purchase of furniture, design and window dressing, etc.).

The territorial delegate has encouraged the associations to present the Andalusia Awards Internal Trade convened by the Andalusian government and publicly recognize companies, persons and entities that are contributing to the modernization and promotion of trade in Andalusia. He also emphasized the importance of trades are entered in the official record for this purpose has the Andalusian and offered information on the rules of trading hours.