BDA calls for urgent repairs and cleaning of the mouth of the Río Almanzora.

Two years after the flood, embankments are not repaired and the channeling of the river, which together with the existing weed becomes a serious risk to the area.

BDA-Almería moves his concern for the maintenance and cleanliness of the streams of the province. After the fear generated by the rains in the Levant in yesterday, when they came out the wadis surprising the locals, and when two years of torrential rains that lashed meet Almeria Levante, it is not clear that there are still unrepaired infrastructure and the state of the avenue of Canalejas at the mouth of the Rio Almanzora area is alarming.

BDA has been visiting the area of ​​the mouth of the Río Almanzora, one of those most affected by rains (two years ago, we insist) and Rambla de las Canalejas and was able to check the level of accumulation of dry weeds and debris that remain on the runway, with the consequent risk of danger to the lack of space for the water outlet to the sea, overflows and floods again now that the rainy season starts occur. "The competent authorities in the maintenance of our rivers and streams, either the Ministry of Environment, or Conferedación Segura Hydrographic be taken very seriously the risk posed by the river in this state ", Pascual says Soler, Vice President of BDA-Almería.

BDA warns that in case of heavy rain could cause further damage occur, and fear of the farmers in the area is that the water can reach the pumping station be there at the mouth, the bridge crossing the boulevard at the height of Villaricos and damage the desalination plant on the right bank of the river Almanzora. Another urgent and necessary action is the arrangement of the Rambla passing through the neighborhood of Mulerias arrangements need of retaining walls.

And two years later is still pending reconstruction channeling Almanzora River, damaged by these heavy rains, like the desalination plant in the Community Irrigation Cuevas del Almanzora, that still crippled with consequent damage to farmers and users. "We must all be aware that the situation can not last longer, We've had two years of drought, But what would happen if more rains that way?, and work should begin ", exige Soler.

BDA claims these competent bodies to take responsibility and urgent actions acometan both farmers, even as the Town Council have requested them. "It is not acceptable that two years later we have to go begging to the government to do what they have to do", sharp says Soler.