Collection of almond.
Collection of almond.

September is also harvest time in other productive sectors with high relevance for the province of Almería, one of them, the nuts that has special implementation in inland areas, especially in the Valle del Almanzora and Los Vélez, and that found in dry regime is suffering from a significant reduction in harvest due to the severe drought that come supporting.

ASAJA-Almería estimated that in our province reduced the harvest can be about the 40%, although the initial estimates were much more pessimistic, since frosts came when it had already taken place early bloom by high temperatures, the late flowering are giving the expected production. The extension of the drought and lack of rainfall that suffering is spreading virtually all producing areas also reducing the national harvest of this product. However, lower production this should be reflected in the prices but the price of almond being lower than last year by about 25%, according to sources at ASAJA.

Among the reasons for this lower value is the increase in imports of almonds from California once surpassed its drought which has reduced harvest in recent years. It should be noted that our country is one of its main customers, and this year, our purchases have increased by more than 30% what is holding back the rise of prices already experienced last year.
ASAJA remember that we start a campaign, the previous one, producers qualify as "exceptional" in regard to prices, and that has encouraged this "fever" that is leading many to engage in this crop that is gaining strength in other areas of Andalusia and Castilla as well as the arrival of large groups in this sector is motivating the introduction in recent years of 10.000 new hectares in Andalusia, every year. "There is some suspicion by small farmers with the expected increase in harvest to take place in the next few years result of these new plantations, many of them under irrigation ", says Francisco Vargas, President of ASAJA-Almería, "Our province is one of the largest suppliers of almond for the rest of the country and hence Europe to be taken appropriate measures to address this growing competition and performance problems because of drought".

Spain is the first European producer of almond, and Community Andalusia is the largest area of ​​concentrated cultivation especially in Granada with 48% Andalusian surface and Almería with 39%.