Arrested four members of an organized group stealing in older homes.

The afternoon of day 20, agents Guardia Civil Post Olula the River (Almería), proceed to the arrest of the 4 members of an organized group dedicated to commit burglary, located in small towns in the Almanzora region of Almeria, its inhabitants are elderly.

The Guardia Civil investigation starts late last year, analysis result of theft committed in a house in the village of Almanzora Armunya (Almería), subtracted from where gold jewelry, for valor from 3000 €, as estimated by the victim.

During the development of research, Civil Guard hearing a second fact, occurred inside a house in the municipal district of Seron (Almería), where the authors subtracted a necklace of gold

The analysis of the information obtained so far allows the Guardia Civil detect coincidences, links and common features in their modus operandi and as to the time and mode of perpetrating robberies, and the vehicle used in both cases, agents suspecting the existence of an organized group and authors of both facts, suspicions are confirmed subsequently in the development of research.

In both events, Authors access the interior of the house in the same time slot, taking advantage of the main gate of it is opened, and the inhabitants therein, to steal money and jewelry, getting to use force if necessary, shortly after leaving the vehicle parked in the nearby.

It is precisely shortly after the commission of the second subtraction, when agents, after identifying the vehicle used, establish a quick search appliance area, achieving locate when traveling on the road A-334, within the municipality of Tíjola (Almería), carrying out the identification of the occupants.

The Civil Guard confirmed that those identified form a structured group, specific functions each of its components, functions that start getting all the information of the residents of the dwellings, as customs and times.

Finally, Civil Guard conducts arrest M. D. G. C., of 44 years old, U. G. C., of 40, It. H. A., of 28, and A. G. M., of 42 all residents of the province of Alicante, as alleged perpetrators of a crime of violence with Robo and intimidation, a crime of theft and one count of conspiracy.

The four detainees have large number of records and arrests, among others by events similar to those investigated, a whole block with total 76 arrests.

Proceedings instructed by the Guardia Civil, with detainees, have been delivered to the magistrate Unique Purchena (Almería), who decreed the imprisonment of the four.

Developed by the Civil Guard Inside the "Senior Security Plan" in the province of Almería, the different talks and discussions that agents have with those attending the same, always warn of such events, to always keep the doors and windows of their homes properly closed.