They start the construction of the future Clean Point Arboleas


This week will launch the construction of the recycling center to be located in the hamlet of Loma Larga, Arboleas. "Last summer we worked to adapt an area for the installation of a clean point, completely, convinced that it was very necessary for the town. It has been working hard, in recent months, for the corresponding administrative documentation for execution, the environmental assessment and sectoral reports. With time and get all the necessary work ", ha argumentado el alcalde del Ayuntamiento de Arboleas, Cristóbal García.
This project has a budget amounting to 349.857 euros and a deadline of four months. The work is funded by the Government of Andalusia. The future recycling center will consist of an outer area of ​​containers for the collection of wood and furniture, bulky containers, debris, scrap and pruning, and gardening. All this will be complemented by another area for the selective collection of household appliances, paper, textiles, packaging and glass. Also a covered area reserved for special waste, Aerosols, kitchen oil, batteries, Battery, Radiographs, paint containers, Motor oil, car parts and fluorescent.

The mayor has argued that "the key objectives of this infrastructure is to separate the waste generated in homes that pose a risk to the environment or health. In addition, the uncontrolled dumping of rubble and bulky waste such as furniture or appliances will avoid facilitating, so, recovery of resources contained in waste for recycling ". Un Punto Limpio es una instalación municipal adecuadamente equipada para la recepción y almacenamiento temporal de ciertos residuos generados en el ámbito doméstico. Este tipo de instalaciones no genera olores, puesto que no es un recipiente donde se deposite materia orgánica.
However, la normativa comunitaria imponte la obligación de tratar de una forma adecuada los residuos, por lo que es necesaria la implantación de instalaciones de tratamiento o de recuperación de los productos reutilizables, así como de plantas de transferencias, centros acondicionamiento, well as clean points. For his part, la Ley Autonómica de Gestión Integrada de la Calidad Ambiental tiene como objetivo prioritario la reducción de la producción de los residuos en origen, reuse and recycling. This action will allow citizens of Arboleas the deposit of waste for subsequent separation and classification improving logistics management. "City Hall, thereby, He wants to make available to the residents a space for these urban waste likely to be able to recycle. The most important thing is to avoid uncontrolled discharges and urban space in our town will be improved. We therefore request the collaboration neighborhood, once it becomes operational this recycling center, to achieve a cleaner and healthier Arboleas. At the same time contribute to the conservation of the environment and nature ".