Enrollment period starts in Almeria 137.600 sleeps, of which 9.250 are for 3 years old

The presentation was held at the Government Office.

The presentation was held at the Government Office.

From today until 31 March Almerian families can submit the admission application form electronically or in person at the 316 network centers sustained with public funds (289 public and 27 subsidized private), both for students who enters the school system first, as for those students wishing to change schools in the teachings of Early Childhood Education Second Cycle (ie 3 a 6 years old), Primary education, Special Education, Secondary Education (ESO) and School. It is also the deadline for requesting open space in 5 School residences with which the province of Almería.

This data has offered the government delegate, Grace Fernandez and territorial delegate of Education, Francisca Fernández, during a ceremony in which participated representatives of all sectors of the educational community of the province.

Gracia Fernández explained that families provide for the schooling decision as fundamental to their children, "Implying to launch the largest administrative process carried out each year the Junta de Andalucía".

To keep things running as normally as possible and with the best guarantees and transparency, the Ministry works, since last year, in a lengthy planning process that will not end until next fall, when all students are enrolled permanently in the teachings that correspond.

Anyway, " parents, mothers, students, the educational community as a whole can rest assured, because the experience of many years guarantees a process that is done smoothly and effectively ",Fernandez stressed.

As he has told the government delegate, offered this school year 9.250 places for new students (3 years old), which, 8.525 They are in public schools (92,16 %) and 725 in private schools (7,84 %)

Also, sufficient school places for all families obtain a place in their area of ​​schooling they are offered.

De facto, last year at Almería, the 97,99% applicants obtained place in a center among its options, más que el año anterior (97,57%). Them, the 92,14% in the middle of your first choice.

In the course 2018/2019 They come for the first time to schools those born in the year 2015. "In Almería, the birth rate goes up to pass 7.859, Year 2014, a 7.937 Year 2015, which means that there are enough places to enroll all students. Also, We are committed to that during the admission process the number of units / classrooms that are needed will be increased to meet the needs / demand ", He said Gracia Fernández. And in this regard he added that the Infrastructure Investment Plan Education is making possible the implementation of the necessary actions to upgrade our network of public centers, meeting the growing needs of education in our province ". So, the plan 2017/2018 an investment of more than 25 million euros and the new Plan 2018/2019 contemplates, input, 49 new actions that will involve a total investment of more than budgeted 30 million.

During his speech he said that in this way, "We guarantee that no child / to run out of space in your area and get almost all the families who have applied; in fact, there are fewer complaints and on appeals against the process, since last year dropped to 0'28 % of the cases."


new course 2018/19


As for the news for this course 2018/2019, the delegate of Education Francisca Fernández stressed that next year will be a total of 112 public schools where bilingual education taught in Almería, 9 more than the previous year. In particular will be 7 Infant and Primary schools and 2 Secondary Schools.

The new bilingual schools are: CEIP Adela Diaz (Almería), CEIP Antonio Relaño (Olula River), CEIP La Molina (Roquetas de Mar), CEIP Virgen del Río (Huercal-Overa), CEIP Los Millares (Almería), CEIP Luis Siret (Almería), CEIP José Salazar (El Ejido), IES Carmen de Burgos (Huércal de Almería), IES Mediterranean Sea (Sweet water)

New lessons of instrumental specialty Trumpet are also authorized in Velez-Rubio CEM and Olula Rio. If supply, also, first German in the EOI of Roquetas de Mar.

As for complementary services, Fernández has detailed have authorized four new morning classes (C.E.I.P. Andalusia Santa María del Águila, C.E.I.P. San Vicente de El Alquián, C.E.I.P. Concordia Campohermoso and CEIP Prince Felipe of Huércal Overa), bringing to 139 the number of centers that impart. Also new for next year, two new centers, la E.I. Maestro Padilla and CEIP San Fernando, both in the capital, They provide the service of school canteen, so next year will 175 dining centers.

Also, the regulations governing these complementary services, ensures the morning classroom and school meals to students whose parents or legal guardians make a paid work and justify the failure to attend to the hours of these services (whenever they requested in June) as it has done in this course 2017/2018. However, supervening need for these services to reconcile work and family life it may be accredited at any time of year.

The delegate of Education explained that in total are offered 18.174 School dining spaces (175 centers),10.116 of morning class (139 centers) and 13.635 places of extracurricular activities (159 centers).

"Everything is ready, and application forms for admission and registration are available, well as in schools, Schooling in the Portal of the Ministry during the period for submitting applications ", he pointed out the delegate of Education.

For his part, centers already have published vacancy relations school places, as well as information on cadastral including addresses in their areas of influence and surrounding areas.

When the number of places of a center matches or is greater than demand, Applicants will be admitted in full and only in those cases where it can not meet the entire demand, will proceed to the scales of applications, which is regulated by the Order and Decree of February Schooling 2011.

Schedule of performances

In the regular procedure for admission of students for the school year 2018/19, the timeframe is established with the following dates:

a) Prior to 12 April 2018, the schools must publish a list of students and applicants and students, if, the total score.

b) The 13 April 2018 begins the process of hearing 10 days established in article 12.1 of the order of 24 February 2011.

c) The 14 May 2018 the public lottery to which the article refers be held 34 Decree 40/2011, of 22 February.

d) The 15 May 2018 Admission decisions will be published.

and) The 22 May 2018 the award will be published school place the students not admitted to the educational institution chosen as priority.

f) The 23 May 2018 will begin the deadline for appeals of appeals and complaints to the person holding the Council laid down in Article 52 Decree 40/2011, of 22 February.

And the enrollment period (Remember that every year must be made by all students) It will be the 1 to the 8 According to de Mayo IE Cycle, EP y E. Special, and 1 to the 10 July for Secondary Education.

As a novelty, this year will implement the "on electronic registration" in nursery and primary education, whose deadline is, as already indicated, of 1 to the 8 June.

Also, You may apply for admission to complementary services in the aforementioned "on electronic".

As the deadlines for admission to the teachings of Languages, Initial Vocational Training, Permanent adult education, as well as basic and professional Music and Dance, down from April.

Equally, the deadline for submission of applications for admission for children aged between sixteen weeks and three years in nursery schools owned by the Government of Andalusia and nursery schools and preschools attached to the program helps families will, also, April. This period will be established, also, for the submission of applications for assistance to families to promote enrollment in the first cycle of infant education.

The families, also, in this process, They have the help offered by:

-Own schools.

-Portal Schooling, available through the website of the Ministry.

-The application for smartphones iEscolariza, increasingly used by families for information throughout the process.

-The toll-free line (900 848 000) offering advice on uninterrupted schedule 8:00 a 19:00 hours.

-The communication campaign of the Board "education, the beginning of everything "to inform the Andalusian society about the schooling process. Their brochures can be downloaded free schooling portal.

The regional government makes an effort, "To improve and enhance the public school, increasing the budget each year to meet the demand of citizens, what is specified in more centers and services offered, as well as increasing teacher, in order to achieve the desired educational success for all. "stressed the delegate of Education.