Start the new course of the Municipal School of Music, Dance Theatre of Cuevas del Almanzora


Extensive educational offerings include different disciplines and workshops for all ages.

The Municipality of Cuevas del Almanzora has started the school year 2015-2016 of the Municipal School of Music, Dance Theatre with a wide range of educational.

As in previous years, School count for this course with specialties such as "Music and Movement" of 4 a 7 years old, "Instrumental Specialties" (piano, guitar, fiddle, clarinet, saxophone, flute, trumpet, trunk, trombone, tuba, bombardino y percussion), "Musical language", "Spanish Dance", "Classical Dance" and "Theater".

As for the workshops that will be taught this course are "Modern Dance", "Youth Band", "Folk Dance", "Pilates" and "Ballroom".

Specialty "Music and Dance" for students will also be included 3 years and the specialty of "Predanza" of 4 a 7 years old, including a stronger and more comprehensive learning and bringing together the specialties of Classical Dance and Spanish Dance. Students may be decanted from each of the specialties or both once they complete this cycle of education.

To register or for more information about the specialties they can contact the Municipal School schedule 10.00 a 14.00 hours on Mondays and 9.00 a 14.00 Tuesday through Friday or phone 950458235.