Filed the case against the former mayor of Huercal-Overa.

After seven years, the Court sees no crime.

The magistrate 1 Huercal-Overa (Almería) has issued the provisional dismissal of the criminal case against the socialist former mayor Luis García Collado and exediles of the municipal corporation to consider not been “duly justified” that perpetrate crime in drafting the General Urban Plan (General Plan).

The judicial investigation, going back to June 2007, was initiated following a complaint from the prosecutor who appreciated indications alleged crimes of corruption and trafficking from alleged irregularities that led to millions in capital gains thanks to the reclassification of lands and municipal PP group, they became themselves known to the proceedings, It amounted to 800 million.

At a press conference, Secretary General of the PSOE in Almería, José Luis Sánchez moved Teruel “joy” to a car that has qualified “tremendously positive” and showing “innocence of the councilors and the mayor was full and absolute”. “They have lived through painful years be marked unfairly, but the ordeal has been completed”.

Sánchez Teruel has hinted that the “commitment” PSOE with “political decency” is “full and absolute”. “We want to make it, the pay, but also that all who see innocent reinstated his honor”, It has been said, before stress “confidence” the PSOE de Almería “has always been in the honesty of his councilors Huercal-Overa”.

“It has now become clear that the City has always managed in the interests of neighboring, thing you can not say the PP, confused that where the institutions governing party offices or the interests of party friends”, he lamented.

The Socialist former mayor of Huercal-Overa to 2007 and current president of the local Association thanked “the support and confidence” manifested in these years “both the provincial PSOE and neighbors”, that, as stated by, “understood that the complaint was unfounded”.

“With his procedure, PP has done much harm, not only the PSOE, but the image of Huercal-Overa”, Collado said Garcia, who has suggested that the cause is addressed “not only to councilors, but to forty citizens of the municipality”. “Today is the town of Huercal-Overa which relieves the burden and again see the light”, he stressed.

For his part, municipal PSOE spokesman in the City, Antonio Lopez Olmo, He considered that it was “a general cause which was mounted on purpose to hurt ahead of the municipal elections” and he greeted it “For Huercal-Overa has ceased to be a crutch for the PP”.

Olmo Lopez lamented the cause has been more than seven years in the pre-trial stage, what moves the idea, a su juicio, “that times in Justice are tremendously long and should be shortened”.